The Augmented Reality (AR) Wall is available to Hub Climbing members, and day pass guests for no additional charge. The AR Wall may also be booked exclusively for private events & birthday parties.

AR Games are great for almost anyone regardless of age, size, fitness & skill level.  The games help climbers improve on their strength, balance, ability & endurance.

Coming soon: Book online for exclusive use of the AR Climbing Wall

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Some of the games available on the AR Wall

Augmented Reality climbing: Climball


  • Either play against each other or work together.
  • A mix of air hockey, pinball, and climbing.
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Augmented Reality climbing: Sparks


  • Climb to the target without touching the electricity!
  • All holds in play
  • Create your own levels then challenge your friends.
Augmented Reality climbing: Whack a Bat


  • Hit the bats as they appear on the screen.
  • Fun for kids
Augmented Reality game: Make your own problem

Make your own Augmented Problem

  • Try your friend’s bouldering problems
  • Create your own bouldering problems
Augmented Reality climbing: Astromania


  • Protect the earth from meteors.
  • Don’t miss any incoming meteors!