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Rock Climbing


20k sq feet of climbing




30k sq feet of climbing



Hub Climbing is designed for climbers of every level, from kids who have never climbed before, to expert climbers about to climb competitively.

Hub Climbing Mississauga is Canada's largest indoor rock climbing gym and offers climbing routes for everyone: top rope climbing and auto-belay climbing, lead climbing walls including steep, hard climbing terrain, 48 foot tall climbing routes, a bouldering cave and bouldering competition walls.
Hub Climbing Markham is a 20,000 square foot indoor climbing and bouldering gym with archways, a 23 foot tall free bouldering challenge (over a foam pit) and 22 roped climbing routes for kids and adults that use auto-belays.

Both climbing gyms offer these additional fitness and training benefits:
  • Kids climbing challenges set within separated beginners climbing areas
  • Fitness equipment and climbing-specific training equipment

We have everything you need as a climber to go from beginner to expert, all under one roof. We also have the trainers who can help you go as high and far as you want in the sport.Our goal is to grow Ontario's rock climbing community and attract new people to the sport. That’s why we work so hard to create a non-intimidating atmosphere for people who have never climbed but want to try out one of the most popular sports in the world. On your first visit, we offer the guidance, rental climbing gear and climbing shoes you will need.

Rock Climbing for kids

Looking for a fun birthday party idea for children? Bring your kids for a fun day activity on our roped climbing walls. There is also a video game wall for kids to play while climbing. We also proudly offer rock climbing camp adventures. Bring your family for a day visit and learn how to belay them!