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Hub Climbing FAQs

These are questions related to the business and systems and procedures unique to the establishments.

How do you pass a belay test?

To pass a belay test, you must pass 3 main components.


At Hub Climbing Mississauga, participants receive a course and must practice the skills before attempting a practical test.

Is there food or drink available at the Mississauga climbing gym?

Hub Climbing Mississauga sells basic snacks, cookies, protein bars and simple juices and Gatorade style drinks. If you have booked a party, we can order pizza for your climbers.

Is climbing for beginners?

As with anything else, you have to start somewhere. Hub Climbing Mississauga has dedicated areas just for beginners so there’s ample opportunity to learn at your own pace. Whenever you pick a facility it’s best to find one that caters to beginners with a variety of styles (bouldering, top rope climbing, autobelay climbing).

What is a Day Pass?

At Hub Climbing Mississauga, a Day Pass is good for the entire day and climbers can come and go as they please. For example, if you arrive at noon, you may climb for 90 minutes, head out for lunch, and then come back and climb some more! Your rentals are good all day as well.

Are your memberships all-inclusive or do I have to pay more for access to the Fitness Studio?

Hub memberships include unlimited access to all regular (unthemed) climbing facilities including bouldering and autobelays, as well as the fitness equipment and climbing training areas (incl. hangboards, moonboards and system boards). Access to themed children’s climbs in our Mississauga location requires an additional fee and is not included in membership.

May I supervise my own children? On a day pass, at Hub Climbing Mississauga?

Yes! Make sure each child who is autobelay climbing is directly supervised by an adult who has recently taken our autobelay orientation.

Make sure there is at least 1 adult directly supervising no more than 3 children climbing.

If you are bringing children, please make sure their waivers are filled out by their parents or a court-appointed legal guardian (we will ask for documentation)

How long should I plan a visit to last?

This will depend on what type of climbing you would like to do. If you would like to just boulder and/or use auto belays, we recommend 1 to 2 hours at the facility. The sport takes it out of you more than you think and climbing past 90 minutes isn’t recommended as mistakes tend to happen past that due to fatigue.

How much climbing should we expect during our visit?

This is a hard question to answer because it’s subjective; what do you consider a lot of climbing? Depending on what your base fitness level is, and what type of climbing you are doing (bouldering or autobelay or top rope), we find that our guests get more than enough climbing in during a regular 1.5 hour climbing session. If you have never climbed before it can be quite startling how tiring it can be, so make sure to plan in rests and hydration breaks. It always helps to spend some time watching other climbers to pick up tips and make your rest period more exciting.

Is a booking required at Hub Climbing Mississauga? Or can I just come and climb?

Unless you’re looking for a climbing lesson, or for direct staff supervision, you can simply show up and climb in the main climbing gym without a booking. But please keep in mind that orientations take a few minutes!

Am I too old to climb?

Short answer is no! We have members and guests of all ages. Hub Climbing Mississauga once entertained Mississauga’s legendary mayor “Hurricane” Hazel McCallion at age 97.

Do I need to take an orientation before I can boulder or autobelay?

Yes! The orientations are important to help you learn how to better prevent injuries. Expect a bit of a wait for your orientation: If it’s really busy here with new visitors, there may be a wait, but we try to get to everyone within 15 minutes.

Do you sell climbing gear?

Yes. Hub Climbing Mississauga sells some basic climbing gear with a focus on the essentials like chalk, tape, chalk bags, and shoes.

Does Hub Climbing Mississauga have bouldering safety flooring?

Yes. All our bouldering flooring is designed by Asana, a leading climbing gym flooring provider in U.S.A. and provides 16 inches of various types of foam underneath a cordura shell. The flooring is designed to be of a firmness that makes it possible to walk on the mats with less strain on your ankles but with increasing absorption for higher velocity falls. We recommend that you never rely on any flooring system to ensure your safety but that you focus on learning proper fall technique, downclimbing whenever you can, learning about your limits and never going beyond your own limits.

How old does my child need to be to climb?

Hub Climbing Mississauga’s recommended minimum age is 6 as some younger children may struggle to reach the climbing holds.

We can accept some children who are 4+ if they fit within our harness. If you are unsure, our staff will check prior to climbing.

  • Climbers within a “birthday party” must be 17 and under.
  • Adults climbing must purchase entry pass and rental gear