Get ready to challenge the big walls of the GTA

  • Climbing walls up to 49 ft high
  • Separate area just for advanced and lead climbs
  • 30 ft speed wall
  • 40 auto-belay stations
  • Separate area just for for beginners and kids
  • Bouldering for all levels
  • Amphitheater seating
  • 30,500 square foot building, the biggest climbing gym in Canada

First Visit

What do you need to know if this is your first visit?

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Belay Test

All the info you need about getting your belay test

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Lead Climbing Test

All you need to know about the Lead certification at Hub Climbing

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Things to expect if you are an experienced climber visiting Hub for the first time

  • You should allocate at least 20 minutes extra time to your first visit.  You will experience detailed orientations for Autobelays and Bouldering. Your safety is our first priority.
  • Hub enforces a no bare foot policy and a shirts-always-on policy
  • Food and drink (other than H2O) are not allowed beyond the reception station
  • Everyone needs to sign a waiver to enter, even spectators.  Be sure to bring identification with you on your first visit. A valid driver’s license or similar photo ID that includes your date of birth is best.

Orientations and tests are transferable between Hub locations. If you have an orientation, test or lesson at one Hub location it will be valid in the other location.
Hub orientations and testing procedures may seem more rigorous than those employed at other indoor climbing facilities.  Although you may know much of the content, there will likely be some helpful safety reminders for you.
Also please note that rope skills & belay training from another gym will not be accepted.  There are no “refresher” courses offered.  The integrity of Hub’s certification system is dependent upon all visitors receiving the same information and being evaluated using the same processes.

Please fill out the online waiver BEFORE you visit.

Belay Test

In order to belay at Hub Climbing you will need to pass our Belay Safety Test.

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  • Duration ~10 minutes
  • 2 person minimum. You must take the test with a partner.
  • Cost: $5.00 + HST if proof of accreditation from another gym or guide is not available.  This test is free for those who present a valid picture ID and a valid accreditation card from another climbing centre in Canada or the United States, or with proof that the climber has completed outdoor climbing courses from a qualified guide (ACMG, FQME, or European cards will be accepted at the discretion of Hub staff).
  • Belay tests are available during limited hours.  Please schedule your slot at this link.  If you walk-in there may be a wait time.
  • This test requires demonstration of the skills taught in Hub’s 1 Hour Introductory Lesson.
  • You’ll need to properly wear and inspect your harness, tie and inspect figure 8, figure 8 followthrough, and stopper knots, and properly a thorough safety check on one’s climbing partner, belay and lower your climber using a Petzl Grigri.
  • Figure 8 knots are not pre-tied, and Grigris must be attached to the belayer’s harness.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with any of the concepts listed above or need a refresher, book a Top Rope Belay Lesson.
  • Passing this test permits you to belay at all Hub Climbing locations. This certification is not transferable to other climbing gyms or outdoor climbing.
  • Ages 16* and up.  If you are unable to pass the test, you may test again on your next visit.
  • We recommend coming in at least 3 hours before the facility closes to ensure you still have time to climb after passing the test.

*If belayer is under 18, a valid Hub Stripes test required prior to taking this belay test

**$2.50 for replacement climbing certification tags

Lead Climbing and Lead Belay Test

  • Before leading in the Hub facility, you must pass our lead test. Lead certification from other facilities do not qualify you at Hub Climbing.
  • You will be tested on safety related aspects of lead climbing. The test will include demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of wearing a harness, knots, proper clipping, clipping errors, body positioning, climbing stance, falling, belaying, rope management, catching.
  • The fee for the test is $17.50 plus HST.  This fee is not refundable.
  • The price is discounted to $12.50 plus HST for climbers who present a valid picture ID and a valid accreditation LEAD CLIMBING from another climbing center in Canada or the United States, or with proof that the climber has completed outdoor climbing courses from a qualified guide (ACMG, FQME, or European cards will be accepted at the discretion of Hub staff).
  • The lead test must be done in pairs or you must bring a Hub certified lead belayer on your test with a maximum 35% weight difference.
  • Hub Climbing does not provide or rent lead equipment. Please bring your own lead equipment including a dynamic rope (at least 40 meters), grigri and carabiner.
  • Prior to lead climbing you will be asked to sign a lead waiver as there are unique risks with lead climbing.  This certification is not transferable to other climbing gyms or outdoor climbing.

Age: 16 +
If under 18 you must have valid stripes test and already have top rope certification at our facility.

Time: 30 minutes

**$2.50 for replacement climbing certification tags

Click here to book your lead climbing test

If you are unfamiliar with any of the concepts mentioned above, please schedule a lead course. 

Lead Climbing Course

email us at to book


  • Must be booked at least 7 days in advance
  • Two 3-hour lessons
  • Minimum of 4 people to run a class
  • Dates and Times: Tuesday 7-10pm, Thursday 7-10pm, Saturday 2-5pm
  • If you would like dates and times outside of these class dates, or if you have less than 4 people (but at least two) please inquire about private lessons.

Those taking this class are expected to provide their own equipment:

  • a dynamic climbing rope (at least 40m)
  • a GriGri by Petzl with locking carabiner (cross loading prevention recommended)
  • we do not accept ATCs

At the completion of the Lead Climbing Course, a lead test will be scheduled in order that participants can demonstrate that they have retained what they have learned. There is no charge for the Lead test for those who have taken their Lead Climbing Course at Hub Climbing. Completing the lead course does not guarantee that participants will pass the lead test.

Please only sign up when you meet these requirements:

  1. You are experienced with Top Rope climbing and also have a partner (maximum 35% weight difference).
  2. You have sufficient strength/endurance to climb 8 to 10 routes in the  5.7 to 5.9 range during each 3-hour session.
  3. You are able to onsight 5.9 and redpoint 5.10- at our Mississauga facility. There may be some variation in grading between our facilities, We recommend that you climb at our Mississauga facility prior to signing up, to ensure that you can complete a 5.9.

Our lessons are designed to prepare climbers to lead climb and belay indoors only. Those interested in climbing outdoors will need further instruction. We strongly recommend hiring a properly-accredited professional outdoor climbing instructor to learn the additional skills needed to climb safely outdoors.