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Adventure MAX!

Recommended for max experience

✅ 90 minutes in the Adventure Hub, then
FULL DAY pass access to the main facility of Hub Climbing Mississauga
✅ 2 Super Challenge Tickets
✅ Climbing Shoes & Harness rental for entire day

$34.00 Ages 4-11
$39.00 Ages 12-22
$43.00 Ages 23 and up

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60 minute OR 90 minute Adventures!

Value packages

✅ 2 Super Challenge Tickets
✅ Harness Rental

$22.50 60 Minute Adventure
$29.99 90 Minute Adventure

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Welcome to the Adventure HUB

An experience like no other in the GTA.

This is not just any climbing centre; it’s an electrifying adventure arena designed for ages 4+.

Leap from skyscraper to skyscraper

Drop from the Slide Superchallenge

Balance on spinning gears

Ascend a dinosaur

Climb way up on a rope ladder

Build your own climbing structure

Giant Jump Superchallenge

Go up a gigantic beanstalk

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Crate Challenge

60 minutes climbing ($22.50) or
90 minutes climbing ($29.99)

Save time, book ahead!

Saturday: 10:15am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:15am-6:00pm

  • Please bring Id!
  • Wear comfy athletic clothes and clean indoor shoes
  • You will be asked to do a facility introduction and waiver when you arrive. You can also fill these out before you visit.

AR Wall

And don’t forget to try our augmented reality wall. It combines climbing and video gaming with a variety of fun activities and interesting challenges for one or two players. Climb to the target without touching the electricity, whack the bats as they appear on screen, protect Earth from meteors, and more!

Here's what to expect:


Check in 10 mins before your time slot.


Staff will check you in and provide an orientation.


You will be taught how to properly clip in and out of the auto-belays. It’s easy!


Let the fun begin! Scale towers, reach new heights, and have an unforgettable adventure!

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Conquer the beanstock

Have an awesome party at Adventure Hub!

Each Adventure Hub party includes:

  • 30 mins orientation and getting fitted with gear
  • 1 hr climbing
  • 1 hr party room
Top of the Skyscraper

5 Visits for the Price of 4!

Get 5 60-minute visits to Adventure Hub for $90.00

  • Passes never expire
  • Each visit is for a 60 minute slot
  • Purchase at the front desk

Walk-in or save time and book ahead!

Access to unique challenges and adventures not found anywhere else in the GTA

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Adventure Hub Hours

Saturday: 10:15am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:15am-6:00pm