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Sunday, June 23, open 10am-8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know?

Make sure that no child is left out of the fun!

There are 2 documents needed from each guest.

  1. Waiver: Our insurance requires that everyone staying in the facility have an up to date waiver, even if they are only watching.Adults can fill out their own waiver and will need to bring in a piece of ID to verify their information.Minors need their waivers filled out by their parents or court appointed legal guardian. It cannot be filled out by their siblings/aunt/grandparents/friend’s parent/etc, unless they are their legal guardian. Legal guardians will need to bring paperwork to verify their information.Our staff are required to ask for ID. If you filled out a waiver or facility orientation please bring a valid driver’s license or similar photo ID.
  2. Facility orientation: to be filled out by all climbers 12 and older and any adults who are supervising. Facility orientation can be found online: https://hubclimbing.com/orientation/. Legal names need to be used, not nicknames, short forms, etc.

To speed up your check in: Waivers and facility orientations should be filled out 1-2 days prior to the event date

Please arrive at the scheduled time, If you are late or do not have the documents filled out 1-2 days prior, you may lose out on climbing time.

 Location: 165 McIntosh Drive, Markham ON

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that is loose and/or can stretch, such as yoga or running attire. Jeans, for example, are not recommended as they are made of a stiffer material and may restrict your movements on the climbing wall. All climbers are required to wear rock climbing shoes. If you don’t own a pair or simply forgot yours at home, we do provide rentals for the day (socks are recommended). Climbing shoes are great for climbing but can be uncomfortable when worn for long periods. We recommend you bring flip flops, sandals or Crocs for your time between climbs. In case you don’t have a pair, ask our staff and we’ll lend you a free pair for the day.

And remember to avoid wearing anything that has attachments or parts that dangle off or can get stuck in the rocks or autobelays, etc. Eg hooped earrings are a big no-no!

How old does my child need to be to climb?

Our recommended minimum age is 6 as some younger children may struggle to reach the climbing holds.

We can accept some children who are 4+ as long as they fit within our harness. If you are unsure, our staff will check prior to climbing.

-Climbers within a “birthday party” must be 17 and under
-Adults climbing must purchase entry pass and rental gear

Am I too old to climb?

Short answer, nope! We have members and guests of all ages.

Please note that our birthday parties are set up for children! Anyone over 18 who wishes to climb must purchase an entry pass and rental gear.

Where should I park at Hub Climbing Markham?

You may park at 165 McIntosh or 155 McIntosh (a shared lot).

If there is no parking available in our lots you may also park on the western most spots at our neighbour, Pathcom. This building is 1 unit east of our lot.