fbpx Markham Additions 2023 | Hub Climbing Markham

Dear Hub Climbing Markham members, here are upgrades coming this spring:

An improved bouldering experience!

  • A large, brand new overhanging advanced level bouldering cave will be installed for you to enjoy
  • To reduce the number of children in the main gym bouldering area during busy times, we will be posting times for “adult climber access only” (though children in youth programs will retain access)

New auto belay stations!

  • Over 25 brand new stations will be added (!) in addition to your existing auto belay stations
  • There will be new angles to challenge all climbing levels from beginner to advanced

New beginner and warm up bouldering area!

  • To make space for all the new auto belays, we will move some beginner level bouldering climbs from around the slide area to the underutilized area by the small mezzanine


Construction takes place in the south west corner of the building, from the slide to just past the arch. And within the small mezzanine.

Construction begins early in April and finishes late May

  • There may be construction noise between 8am and 6pm
  • Some auto belays eastward from the fire door will be temporarily unavailable
  • Some boulders near the learners area and just past the arch will be unavailable
  • The slide will be unavailable
  • As we are upgrading the flooring in these areas but lacking a lot of space to store materials there may be some storage in the main gym areas

    We are very excited for you to be able to enjoy the new additions and changes!