5th birthday rock climbing party

June 15, 2019

We’re turning 5!!

5 years of Climbing in Markham.

To celebrate our 5th year, we are having a 2-day party with an outdoor BBQ, climbing related vendors, a bouldering competition, an augmented reality wall tournament, and so much more!

& of course…

AMAZING membership perks you don’t want to miss!

Thurs. June 20 & Fri. June 21 5pm-11pm Hub Markham, 165 McIntosh Dr.

Check out the perks and event here.

MEC X HUB climbing challenge June 2

June 4, 2019

On June 2 we enjoyed the first ever MEC X HUB Climbing Invitational! Our community came out to watch Hub selected climbers send hard on the in-store bouldering wall, shop for some new gear at 10% off almost everything in-store, enjoy some drinks, and have a great time! Check out events.mec.ca/node/259871 for more details

Competitor climbing at Hub MEC Competitor bouldering at Hub MEC A great night of climbing in Toronto MEC

Pride 2019

May 24, 2019


Come Celebrate Pride at Hub Climbing Markham!

June 27, 2019 from 7:30 PM – 11 PM

Come Climb, Play Games, Talk, Socialize and Be part of the Community.


OCF Speed Climbing Event in Mississauga

April 30, 2019

OCF (Ontario Climbing Federation) content below:

In order to meet the CEC’s new eligibility criteria for Speed Nationals, the OCF Speed/AGM Event that was planned for May 11th will now serve as the official qualifier for Ontario athletes who want to compete in Speed at Nationals.

All members are more than welcome to participate regardless of whether you are seeking a qualification for Speed Nationals or not.

OCF Speed/AGM Event

Date: Saturday May 11, 2019
Cost: $25.00 (includes a day pass to Hub Climbing Mississauga)
Location: Hub Climbing, 3636 Hawkestone Rd Unit 1, Mississauga

Please register here

Provisional Schedule

  • 9:15 am – Check-in
  • 10:00 am – Climbing starts (Open/Jr/A/B categories)
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm OCF Annual General Meeting
  • 2:30 pm – Climbing (C category)
  • 4:00 pm – Event wrap up

Final Running Orders and Schedule will be posted after the close of registration.

Registration will be open until Sunday, April 28th at 11:59 pm.

Important information for those seeking to qualify for Speed Nationals:

  • Open athletes: there are no quotas in place for open categories; however open athletes must attend the event in order to qualify for Speed Nationals.
  • Youth athletes: the OCF has been given a quota of 8 athletes per age/gender category. We will fill this quota with the top eight athletes in each category (who are interested in attending Nationals) based on the results of this event. It is important that athletes identify whether they wish to be considered for Speed Nationals so that we choose our roster only from those who plan to attend Nationals if selected.
  • Open athletes who have competed internationally within the previous 20 months (Pan Am Championships, World Cup) are automatically qualified for Speed Nationals and are exempt from the above requirements.
  • Athletes who are eligible for a Special Invitation (see CEC post dated April 17th) must apply directly to the CEC by the deadline of April 30th.
  • For more information on the CEC’s new provincial quotas and qualifying requirements policy, please see the CEC post dated March 27th
  • Note: We have secured an extension of the CEC Speed National registration deadline for Ontario athletes until after the May 11th event

Speed Event

A Gentle Introduction to Speed Climbing

April 20, 2019

Entry by Rachel R

Who says the speed wall needs to be so daunting?

If you’ve ever been to Hub Climbing Mississauga you’ll know we have two intimidating factors: the dragon and the speed wall.

Who says the speed wall needs to be so daunting?

Speed climbing has been around for 12 years and its popularity is only growing since the announcement of sport climbing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Even the people who hold the world records in speed climbing had to hop on it for their first time! Reza Alipoour, who has been deemed the “Persian Cheetah” and “Usain Bolt of Speed Climbing”, didn’t start his speed climbing career with a time of 5.48 seconds, that’s for sure. Many professional rock climbers are just starting out their speed climbing careers, either with plans to compete in the Olympics or just to keep up with the fast growing sub-discipline of the sport.

The best way to start speed climbing is to practice the moves over and over again. Muscle memory is what’s going to get you up the wall! Start with a flat pair of climbing shoes, grab some rentals from us if you normally wear aggressive shoes. Start your first runs on the wall slow until you memorize those moves, then you can start to try for your best times.

The goal is to ditch all the technique you’ve ever learned in climbing and start fresh. The fastest way to get yourself up the speed route is to rely on your muscle memory for your foot placements, looking down will only slow you down. Keeping your hips square to the wall and travelling in as straight of a line as possible is what will have you setting personal records in no time!

If any Hubsters are interested in learning about speed climbing, be on the lookout for information about clinics we host at our Mississauga location for all the tips and tricks!

Looking for more technical information on speed climbing?  This article shows you a bit more about the mechanics and flow of the exciting sport of speed climbing.


Yelp Elites Team Builder Rock Climbing Event

April 13, 2019

Yelp Elites Group Rock Climbing Event


Recently Hub Climbing Mississauga hosted a group of GTA Yelp Elites!

Yelpers from all over the city met up for a night of fun- filled climbing in Canada’s newest and largest rock climbing facility!

Yelpers were treated to a supervised climbing experience, that includes experienced staff guides, fun team based challenges, a variety of games and more.

The night started up on our amazing mezzanine that overlooks our entire facility and focuses on our famous pit and dragon, giving spectators an amazing view of climbers scaling our 49’ walls.

After taking in the views for a couple of minutes it was time to climb!! Our Yelpers took to the walls, some chose to start with bouldering, while others choose to start with our roped climbing options on either Autobelays or Top Rope. Once everyone got warmed up we introduced some of our fun games and challenges.

Our games & challenges included a variety of events that were great for new climbers. One was the speed wall, a race to the top in the fastest time. Another was the blindfold climb! Yeah, you heard that correct, we blindfold the climber and send them up the wall, guided by only a team on the ground shouting out your next moves! RIGHT ARM UP!!! We had a word puzzle challenge as well, we stashed letters at the top of a climb and each person had to make it to the top, grab a letter and come back down. Once all the letters were down the team then had to unscramble them and figure out the puzzle.

These are just a sample of the many fun offerings Hub climbing has available to birthdays, groups and team/corporate building events! That coupled with the amazing climbing experience makes Hub Climbing the place to be!

Club Hub Night Climb

April 6, 2019

An Unforgettable Rock Climbing Group Party

Sat, Mar 30, 2019, 9:00 PM

This event was an after hours, climb in the dark event that included our very own Dragon DJ Darwin playing the hottest tunes all night long. We also had fog machines, dj lights and even an awesome laser lights show!

That was just the start of the fun, while each climber challenged themselves to scale our nearly 50’ walls with nothing other than their headlamps to guide them. Once they completed the climb it was time to show off some of their dance moves back on the ground as the sweet music, laser light show and fog filled the air!  If that was not enough all attendees were treated to a complimentary pizza party! WOW!

Tickets for this event sold out quickly! If you did end up scoring a ticket and joining us we hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you at our next event! If you missed out be sure to keep an eye out around our facilities and on social media for the next event in our Hub Climbing Event Series! And don’t forget to get your tickets early so you don’t miss out on the action!

Hub Indoor Rock Climbing Club Event

Breakfast Television visits huge Toronto-West area rock climbing gym for March Break

April 5, 2019

Thanks Breakfast Television! We loved hosting you at Hub Climbing Mississauga! This video is copyright Breakfast Television.

Rock Climbing Training Steep and W I D E

April 5, 2019

Announcing Great Toronto Area’s first HYDRAULIC climbing training wall

16 x 12 feet!
S TE E P – tilts over a range of 40 degrees, starting point of around 20 degrees, all the way down to 60 degrees, super steep challenges for your training

And lets go even W I D E R Check out this campus board 19 feet wide
But wait there’s more!
Angled training areas
Hangboard bar
Thanks to @delire
video by @kingfilms   @raizel_Ray  @rtgstudios
location: Toronto North / Hub Climbing Markham

Come visit us for some climbing today!

Sectional Sofas for Social Climbers

April 5, 2019
new sofas for social climbers cartoon picture

Hub Climbing Markham has a dragon in the back.  The monster’s body is absolutely covered with climbing routes. Where his back meets the wall there’s an open area that always becomes an informal squat space when the gym is busy. This open area is a place where climbers converse as they wait their turn to tackle the beast.

The routes on the back of The Dragon all have a point where you must swing your body and blindly reach to find the next rock. Just about everyone falls. The routes bend obtusely and unless you grasp and hold that topside crimp with near superhuman strength you’re going to fall.  And crawl back to the squatters.

Well let’s squat no more.  Now there’s a proper lounge in that spot.  Sectional sofas have been added there and at other key waiting points throughout the gym.  Both gyms. Thanks to Hub Climbing’s embrace of Velago Patio Furniture, the most popular routes in both our Markham and Mississauga gyms will now have much more comfortable queues.

People don’t go to a climbing gym to relax.

Hub Climbing Markham members relax on the new sectional sofa.

Many new climbers, or new-to- gym-climbing types might not know that in the world of indoor rock climbing there are some unwritten rules.  We could write them here, but they wouldn’t sound right written down and that might lead to gosh knows what else.  Oh, sure there’s already a well thumbed Code of Conduct for all Hub Climbing gym members, but there’s also an unwritten code that is mostly common sense. Don’t touch other people’s ropes. Don’t shout good advice out loud. The unofficial code of conduct is basically to treat everyone the same way you expect to be treated, and that includes waiting patiently, and safely, behind imaginary lines so the person struggling above feels as comfortable as possible.

When the gym is busy, the indoor climbing ritual includes a lot of standing, sitting and socializing.  ‘Friends from the gym’ is a common connector as like-minded people meet in this place and lifelong friendships are born here.

Cream coloured resin wicker outdoor sectional sofas from Velago Patio Furniture is an interesting choice for climbing gyms as rock climbing is both indoor and outdoor activity. The furniture adds comfort and style and brings a bit of the outdoors into this dusty indoor workout space. There is no coffee table in our vision.

Plastic resin is a strong, high-quality material that’s used making outdoor furniture. Resin deck pieces are extremely weatherproof as the material does not rust or rot which makes them perfect for swimming pool decks and sweaty high moisture work-out spaces.  The plastic is easy to clean and very durable, and it will be very interesting to see how long and how well the furniture holds up in here. Our gyms are conceivably the most high-use environment imaginable for such posh patio gear.

The sectional sofas have specially treated UV resistant outdoor fabric that is water repellent, easy to clean, and machine washable.  The cushions themselves are made from high density foam for optimal comfort. The convenient modular design means they can take any shape. The ‘Savosa’ models all have generous deep seating that’s ideal for lounging and they have lots of pillows for added comfort.

Setting up sectional sofas in Markham

boxes full of plastic pation furniture for climbing gym in Markham
Boxes filled with patio furniture need to be unpacked and assembled on site.

On Tuesday the 27th of March 2019 we finally opened six big boxes that had been delivered to the Markham gym. Staff members were delighted to discover how each huge box was mercifully light and easy to carry.

Once the cardboard containers were carried to the correct location they were cut open and their cream coloured contents spilled out onto the gym floor.

As the plastic toes were screwed into place one staff member wondered aloud if there were extra pieces? And if replacements had been sent with the others in each box.

Velago had sent extras. Would these toes be the first things to break, bend or go missing? We’ll see.

Or maybe the side and body of the furniture will be trampled and stoved-in by a thousand climbing shoes, or its lovely white corners scuffed and scraped until the wicker frays and breaks? We’ll see.

At the end of the assembly, the staff sat together and reflected on the upgrade. They knew they would be the first of thousands to enjoy these pieces and they luxuriated in that fact.  

These soft, incredibly comfortable sectional sofas are now awaiting your backside at both gyms. The couches are sure to make socializing in this space even more special.

Velago patio furniture

Good work team.