We are thrilled to work with Stem Minds to offer Mississauga’s first and only STEAM + Climb Discovery Club!*

Each week features a new and exciting hands-on project in topics like coding, video game design, 3D design, and more to get kids engaged, learning, and having fun with STEM.

Best of all? Our STEAM + Climb Discovery Club also includes 30 minutes of rock climbing each week!

This program is only being offered at Hub Climbing Mississauga’s location, and spaces are limited. Register now before they fill up!

steam climbing

Rock climbing and STEAM learning have more similarities than you might think! Our holistic program means that your child will strengthen their physical and cognitive skills while building expertise in the following areas:

1. Resilience. Mistakes = learning! STEAM and rock climbing are all about inquiry, exploration, and hands-on learning. By experimenting and trying new approaches to activities, participants will begin to develop this key skill.

2. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving. Both rock climbing and STEAM learning require you to think about challenges carefully when developing new ways to approach a task. Participants will flex their critical thinking skills as they explore activities in their own unique way.

3. Creativity. Through STEAM (STEM + the arts) based activities, participants will unleash their creative skills as they learn how technology and the arts intersect!

4. Social and Emotional Development. Climbing is more fun when you’re with friends! By participating in exciting challenges, participants will build their self-esteem, self-determination, and more!


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