This request form may be used for just one membership account. Members in a group must each fill out their own separate form, unless multiple family members under the same account are making a request.

  • Cancellation requests must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the start of the new month.
  • Membership freezes cannot be back-dated and will be processed within 5 days of submission.

If you are thinking of cancelling your membership

A little background on why we stayed open

We are staying open for members to enjoy climbing, even putting up new sets, more time slots to get a chance to climb, and also let's us have a job.
The government said they would provide extra funding to those who were completely shut down. Because we decided to stay open for our members, even though only 10 people/time slot in Mississauga, the grants may not be available to us.
We also incur more staffing costs by adding additional time slots to give more members a chance to climb.
We know a lot of people in this society are suffering due to coronavirus but before you freeze your membership, we wanted you to know where your money is going. It would definitely help us as a business, especially a small business, by supporting us with a membership. Thank you.

During Modified Stage 2, no freeze fee will be applied. The form below says $9 prorated (it cannot be edited) .... don't worry when freezing, it will be $0.

If you are an existing Hub Markham member and wish to add a dual annual membership on to your existing single gym annual membership, please contact to process your upgrade.

For all other requests and inquiries, please use the form below: