This request form may be used for just one membership account. Members in a group must each fill out their own separate form, unless multiple family members under the same account are making a request.

  • Cancellation requests must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the start of the new month.
  • Membership freezes cannot be back-dated and will be processed within 5 days of submission.

To make the freeze fee policy transparent and more predictable for you, freezes will continue to be Free for periods the government mandates that we are in the "Control" phase (10-30 capacity) but if/when the govt reverts to "Restrict" (50 capacity) they are no longer free because there is sufficient capacity again for most members to visit a few times a week. If you have extenuating medical circumstances (eg you are immunocompromised or you are a front line caregiver who needs to do covid testing weekly and cannot afford the freeze fees) you can request a free freeze. Just submit this information on your membership request form (we will add a new section for you ASAP).

Freezes are enacted at 1 of 4 intervals

Our sales system requires us to manage each freeze request manually. We cannot use batches. To simplify things, when we are in "Control" your EFT credits will now be rounded to the week of the month they were submitted. Each "week" ends on the midnight of the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and each freeze request is slotted into one of those. For example, if you request a freeze on the 17th, we would process it on the 22nd. We have faced a lot of extra costs due to covid so we are looking for simpler workloads wherever possible to help avoid any price increases.

If you are thinking of cancelling your membership

A little background on why we stayed open:

The government said they would provide extra subsidies to those who were completely shut down. 

But we fought to stay open for you, even if forced to have only 10 people allowed per time slot.   We lose a number of government supports, but our community is counting on us for some semblance of normalcy and access to climbing.  Our costs remain as high as ever.  For instance, route setting turnover is the same as during normal times and hours of operation have increased.  

We know a lot of our community are suffering due to coronavirus but before you freeze your membership, we wanted you to know where your money is going. It would definitely help us as a business, especially a small business, by supporting us with a membership. 

If you are looking to upgrade to a Dual Facility membership:

If you are an existing Hub Markham member and wish to add a dual annual membership on to your existing single gym annual membership, please contact to process your upgrade.

If you are a Hub Mississauga member you may also contact to process your upgrade.

For all other requests and inquiries, please use the form below: