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Yelp Elites Group Rock Climbing Event

Recently Hub Climbing Mississauga hosted a group of GTA Yelp Elites!

Yelpers from all over the city met up for a night of fun- filled climbing in Canada’s newest and largest rock climbing facility!

Yelpers were treated to a supervised climbing experience, that includes experienced staff guides, fun team based challenges, a variety of games and more.

The night started up on our amazing mezzanine that overlooks our entire facility and focuses on our famous pit and dragon, giving spectators an amazing view of climbers scaling our 49’ walls.

After taking in the views for a couple of minutes it was time to climb!! Our Yelpers took to the walls, some chose to start with bouldering, while others choose to start with our roped climbing options on either Autobelays or Top Rope. Once everyone got warmed up we introduced some of our fun games and challenges.

Our games & challenges included a variety of events that were great for new climbers. One was the speed wall, a race to the top in the fastest time. Another was the blindfold climb! Yeah, you heard that correct, we blindfold the climber and send them up the wall, guided by only a team on the ground shouting out your next moves! RIGHT ARM UP!!! We had a word puzzle challenge as well, we stashed letters at the top of a climb and each person had to make it to the top, grab a letter and come back down. Once all the letters were down the team then had to unscramble them and figure out the puzzle.

These are just a sample of the many fun offerings Hub climbing has available to birthdays, groups and team/corporate building events! That coupled with the amazing climbing experience makes Hub Climbing the place to be!

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