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OPHEA bouldering maximum height guidelines and opt-out form

What is OPHEA?

  • OPHEA stands for Ontario Physical and Health Education Association.  OPHEA works with Ontario’s 5,000 schools to develop guidelines for safety and teaching tools.

What is the recommendation?

  • Under 12 years old do not boulder higher than the yellow line (2.4 metres/7 feet 10 inches)
  • 12 to 17 years old do not boulder higher than the red line (3.5 metres/11 feet 5 inches)

Why is Hub Climbing implementing this?

  • Children new to the sport do not “require” access to the full height of our walls.  The bouldering heights recommended by OPHEA are sufficient for children new to the sport to develop their bouldering skills while still enjoying their experience.

What if I would like my child to boulder to higher heights?