fbpx Gift Cards for Rock Climbing and Bouldering | Hub Climbing


Choose the amount up to $100, write a personal note and click send. Easy!

  • Convenient and quick to purchase.
  • May be used towards Day Passes, Memberships and Rentals.
  • Online gift cards may not be used for gear.

*Lost or stolen cards will not be reissued.

Order Your E-gift Card Now!


Gift cards purchased in-store have a limit of up to $250.

  • May be used for gear purchases.
  • Get the physical card.

*Lost or stolen cards will not be reissued.

Purchase one at Front Desk at any Hub location!

Gift Cards FAQ

Can I buy more than $100 worth of gift cards?

Yes but each person is eligible to receive no more than $20 total in bonus cards.

Can I use the gift card at both locations?

YES, our gift cards can be used at both our Markham and Mississauga locations.

Does my gift card expire?

Your Hub gift card will never expire.

What are some common experiences people use the gift card for?

Climbing Experiences you can purchase with a gift card include:

  • Climbing experience for 1, Includes HST and rentals (shoes, harness) – $43.00
  • Climbing experience for 2 Adults, Includes HST and rentals (shoes, harness) – $87.00
  • 1 Month of Climbing, Includes HST – $108.00
  • 10 Visit Punch Card, Includes HST – $249.00

How do I use my gift card?

You will receive an e-gift you can forward to your loved one. If you prefer a physical card see the next question!

Can HUB Climbing mail out a physical gift card?

Unfortunately we do not mail out any gift cards. If you would like a physical card visit any of our Hub locations and you can purchase a physical Gift card at front desk!

Can I use my gift card on any purchases online (ex. Deposits/Programs)?

Although we do not have an online option yet you can certainly visit our locations and use the gift cards in person.

How can I check my balance?

Feel free to call or visit any of our locations and we can check your balance for you.

Can I return a gift card?

Gift cards may not be returned or refunded.

Is there an activation or any associated fees with our gift card?

There are no hidden fees, once purchased the Gift Cards are ready to go 🙂