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This is not your everyday bouldering comp.

It’s a team comp with a scoring format that equalizes the playing field. So a team of brand new boulderers can take on an expert team, to win the championship belt! Registration has begun!

  • 6 Week Comp
  • Free for members and daypassers
  • Complete as many of the league climbs as possible, each week
  • Each week your team score is the top 4 boulders of each climber
  • To sign up as a team or as an individual contact brandon@hubclimbing.com

Signing Up

  • Members- Free
  • Non Members – Only a day pass is required each week. This will give you full access to the facility as well as the bouldering league.
  • Min of 4 climbers per team, with a max 6 climbers per team
  • Registration has begun!
  • Sign-ups can be done by emailing Brandon@hubclimbing.com
  • Sign-ups can be done as an individual climber or as a full team. We will team up climbers who sign up individually (Free Agents).
  • Scoring will be done with a handicap system making the league accessible and competitive for climbers of all skill levels


  • The league will consist of 6 weeks of fun, challenging climbing and competition
  • It will run every Tuesday night(Mississauga) & Thursday (Markham) from 6 – 11 pm
  • Week 1 will be Oct 1st (Mississauga) & Oct 3rd (Markham) and the final week will be Nov 5th (Mississauga) & Nov  7th (Markham)
  • The finals week will have double the climbs, a raffle for some sweet prizes. Food, drinks and an awards ceremony with the championship belt.


  • Each team will consist of 4-6 climbers
  • Teams will climb every Tuesday between 6-11pm.
  • Teams must climb together. (cannot all come and climb at different times)
  • Only 1 scorecard per team per week will be issued. Scorecard will not be issued until you have the Min. of 4 climbers present.
  • NO SANDBAGGING! When setting your handicap be honest. Your handicap is based on the max grade you consistently climb during your climbing sessions.
  • Scoring will be done on an honor system, this league is meant to be FUN. We want everyone to meet new people, climb fair & have fun doing it! Any cheating will lead to disqualifications!


  • Scoring is equalized by your handicap, this handicap may be adjusted during the competition based on your results. This system will equalize the league and allow any and everyone to have fun, compete and win.
  • How it works: a lower handicap climber will receive the same points for climbing a lower graded problem as a high handicap climber completing a higher graded problem.
  • If a climber is set as a lower handicap and sends multiple problems above their indicated handicap they will be bumped up to the next level.
  • Grades are blind, if you lower your true handicap you will be caught and your team will be penalized.
  • Climb true, climb hard, have fun!!!!
Identified Handicap
Yellow Pink Blue
Pink Blue Green
Blue Green Orange
Green Orange Red
Orange Red Gold
5 Points 10 points 15 points
  • Our colour coded grading system will act as divisions for your handicap.
  • 14 Boulders of the set that are part of each week’s Bouldering Leagues will NOT be graded.
  • Each competitor will add their top 4 boulders to their teams total
  • 5 Bonus points will be added to the climb if you climb above your handicap.
  • Should you climb colours above your Identified handicap more than 2 weeks in a row you will be bumped a handicap level, remember folks, sandbagging is lame!!!!!!
  • An extra 5 points will be awarded each week to any team who has full team participation if all of your team members show up.

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