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Romantic Rock Climbing Gym – Ideas for Dates

Everyday people who happen to have the climbing bug (an unnatural desire to scale walls, steep terrain and sheer rock faces) probably also feel the same compulsion to share their adrenaline-filled adventures with the most important people in their lives. This can be problematic if that person is not a climber. But don’t give-up. Bring them to Hub Climbing on a romantic rock-climbing date and inspire them on their own journey.

Members listen up – the way to have a great date at a climbing gym is not to do spectacular stunts in your date’s presence, but rather, to pave the way and make it possible for him or her to be awesome, and thereby want to return to do more and get better, climb higher and see more results physically.

ONLINE WAIVERS:  A climbing Casanova would start off by making sure he or she completed the waivers and guest registrations online prior to arriving as that would speed up the process through the front desk check-ins.  Get the shoes that he or she doesn’t already have, and help them get geared up for the activity. After the daters are all checked in, the member might take the guest on walking tour of all the different areas and different climbing options. They could take a trip through the bouldering or auto belay sections, and thereby see for themselves how it works – at this time the member or veteran climber can gauge their friends’ reactions and interests / fear levels.

The gentlepersonly thing to do next is .. nothing.  The more experienced climber should let the rookie decide.  Its a simple choice: Bouldering or Auto Belays?  Auto belays are good for anyone who may have to overcome a newbie fear of falling, however, that may not be of interest to someone who is sincerely scared of heights.   The tour confirms what is most interesting or most repelling, and what they could like or dislike as a result.  Once the decision is made to go in a certain direction, the committed climbers should head to the front desk for the safety orientation.

Bouldering is a great way to catch the bug.  Start in the learner’s area obviously, even if it’s too easy for some. The sense of accomplishment is contagious and the desire the raise the stakes comes instinctively to almost all people inside rock climbing gyms.


Play Wall Twister. Hub Climbing has a game called wall twister which we we have set up using the different colored holds as the colours of the twister mat. This is really fun and its certainly a way to get closer, physically – the game has a gentle competition.  Possibly the only downfall is that it requires a 3rd person spin the wheel that picks the next colour.

Autobelays and straight-up climbing the walls is what impacts new people the most about Hub Climbing.  This has to be on the menu at some point in the couple’s circumnavigation of the gym.  So start by doing some very easy climbs with them, and get them used to the height, and also the falling.  We advise members climb a route next to them so as to provide encouragement along the way.

Members, the last thing you want to do is start showing off your skills on your first date here.  Your showboat mentally will ruin the idea your partner is forming to pioneer something here together, and demonstrating your superior abilities too early could result in rock climbing being ‘your thing’ forever.   Its much better to work together to build the inexperienced climbers’ confidence, by showing them tips, better techniques and providing encouragement when they succeed.

Explore the gym now as a climber; find the Top Out Wall that leads to the gym slide to add some fun and excitement.  And experiment with new climbs, and if they are adventurous a crack at the dragon and a fall into the foam pit is always fun. Just remember never to push too hard or show off too much.

If the date is really having a good time at the facility then, and only then, should members consider adding a little fun competition by trying for individual best times at the Speed Wall Climb.  More social than the solo climb up The Dragon,  the Speed Wall climbs will give the couple something talk about later, and is great social media fodder for their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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