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January 14 – Adults Experiential Session with Chris Neve

Wed January 14th
6:30pm-9:30pm ($60+ HST)

Have you ever watched someone climb and been in awe as to how they could move with such grace?

Sometimes when watching good climbers, we feel like we are watching someone do tai-chi on the walls and their otherworldly abilities seem to be an unattainable mashup of supernatural abilty and zen flow. Well, learning to move like water to rock is not magic.

If you have ever wondered how amazing climbers got to be so amazing, snap up the last few open spots of Chris’s lesson. Yes, you can learn how to become one with the wall and up your climbing game but there’s so much more than just climbing you’ll get out of your time with him.

If you are planning on climbing more than once or twice, or just simply curious and a lifelong learner, invest the time to learn from the best climbing teacher in the country. Who knows… you may learn something you take with you for life.

There’s only a few spots left so grab them while you can. If you have a special someone who is a lifelong learner, reserve a spot for them now. Prices are very reasonable for the length and quality of these lessons.

No matter what your climbing abilities, be sure to lock up one of the remaining spots with Chris. Yes, even if you can only climb V0’s right now, bring your beginner’s mind and soak it all in. It’s a long life and these opportunities come around very infrequently.

Wed January 14th 6:30pm-9:30pm ($60+ HST)
To reserve your spot you must prepay in advance by telephone (905 604 4588) or at the gym.

p.s. class size limited to ten participants

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