Renovations/Facility Improvements April 15-May 25 Over 20 new autobelays and a new bouldering cave are coming. Slide will be removed until further notice. Construction materials will take up space in hallways but the vast majority of climbs are ready for you!
Please do not visit if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, or shortness of breath or
were in close contact to any person who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days.
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Before you visit:

  • Please complete your Waiver and "written" Facility Orientation prior to visiting the facility.
  • Please bring identification with you on your first visit to Hub Climbing. A valid driver’s license or similar photo ID that includes your date of birth is best.

Once you are at the facility:

  • Once you have checked in, you will tell us the type of climbing you wish to do, bouldering and/or autobelay climbing.  Each will have its own in-person orientation:  There will be about a 10 min wait upon entry.   
  • Bouldering is a popular type of climbing where there are no harnesses or ropes. Climbers get off the wall by climbing down.  Before you may climb on these walls, our staff will provide you with a  bouldering orientation to show you how to fall.  The bouldering orientation is free of charge.  Takes about 10 minutes.
  • Autobelay climbing is where a climber is lowered down by a machine called an autobelay.  The climber wears a harness that is clipped to the autobelay.   Before you can use this equipment you will receive an autobelay orientation from our staff.  The autobelay orientation is free of charge.  Takes about 10 minutes.
    • Children may not clip themselves into the autobelays unless they are 16+ years of age.    
Checklist - Before you visit
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Before your visit

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sick, cold or tired), have been in contact with someone having these symptoms or are in voluntary isolation, we ask that you stay home. You must diagnose your condition in a self-critical manner and consider the impact of transmission on others before coming to the centre.  We may ask you to leave the gym if they consider your health status to be at risk.  
If you have been out of the country or been in contact with someone who has been out of the country during their self isolation period, please wait the 14 days before coming to visit our facility.

Before you leave home:


  • Climbing equipment (shoes, harness, rope, belay device, chalk bag) - show and harness rentals are available
  • Clothing (arrive dressed and ready to climb - shirts are mandatory)
  • Sandals or shoes for walking around (no bare feet/socks)
  • Filled water bottle (water bottle refiller is available)
  • Optional: belayers gloves (must be designed for belaying- shreddable gloves are not allowed)
  • Bag to carry all your things (shower, lockers and changeroom area will be closed)

Upon Arrival

  • You are asked to disinfect your hands before entering
  • Give your name and check-in with a member of our staff
  • You may be given a temperature check

Throughout your visit

  • In addition to hand disinfecting at the entrance, we have several hand disinfection stations.
  • You are asked to disinfect or wash your hands between climbs.  This will protect your fellow climbers.  And following up after a climb with hand sanitizer is one way to protect yourself.
  • Carry your bag with you from area to area while you move around the gym and climb

When your session is over

  • Wash your hands
  • Check out
  • In the event that you experience any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or malaise, immediately you will inform a representative of the Organization
  • Bring a full water bottle and flip flops.
  • Toilets are available
  • Shoe and Harness Rentals are available
  • Please wash or sanitize your hands after every climb. Chalk and liquid chalk may help disable the virus from the climbing surfaces but hand hygiene is still critical. Let's be safe rather than sorry.

Mon to Fri 12pm-11pm
Sat, Sun 10am-10pm
Family Day (Feb 20) 10am-10pm

Covid related FAQs
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HEALTH RISKS. Our staff may ask you to leave the gym if they consider your health status to be a risk to others. If you postpone your reservation because of your health condition or because of isolation, there will be no cancellation fee.

WHY CAN’T I USE LOOSE CHALK?  Our understanding of how COVID-19 spreads is constantly evolving, but airborne transmission is believed to be the primary way the virus is spread.  By eliminating loose chalk, we are trying to limit airborne dust.  Chalk socks can be used, but not preferred. We recommend using Liquid chalk as it contains alcohol and limits dust.  Liquid chalk will be available for purchase.

We can only quote what CDC or other health authorities recommend.

CDC recommends 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the minimal active ingredients when it comes to hand sanitizers so we infer its the same with liquid chalk.

Our own understanding is that liquid chalk reduces particulate in the air which makes breathing easier for everyone and reduces the chance of viruses themselves travelling on particulate.


Depending on the surface we use different chemicals ranging from bleach to hydrogen peroxide to alcohol.

On non-climbing, high touch surfaces like desks, faucets, handles, railings, etc we use virucides continually on both and ad-hoc and scheduled basis.  Staff are continually wiping down surfaces and are scheduled to do a thorough wipe down every 2 hours between time slots.

Some surfaces (eg ropes or plastics) can be damaged by certain chemicals so we follow manufacturers instructions.  (Note to the reader: Please make sure to check with the manufacturer too when cleaning your own harnesses, ropes etc!)

In some cases we cannot rely on cleaning solutions and need to rely on handwashing or liquid chalk.  For example, we can not clean ropes or climbing holds or climbing walls as doing so will not be feasible.  Climbing gyms generally cannot clean climbing holds or walls because the holds would be touched between cleanings and it would be prohibitive to climb up each route each time.  (Some routes are well over 40 feet high)  Fogging takes 24 to 72 hours to settle and is not appropriate for daily cleanings as we are concerned about members inhaling the gas.

Summary: We rely on a combination of measures in addition to cleaning: screening of participants, hand washing, hand sanitizers, capacity restrictions, social distancing, no loose chalk and drawing in lots of fresh, clean air.

Rentals are available, but we strongly encourage you to bring your own gear.  Liquid chalk will also be available for rent or purchase. (we will have bins to quarantine it for 3 days)
Chalk rental is suspended for the duration of the pandemic.

The current data about Covid-19 transmission shows no clear evidence to date of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 associated with HVAC (aka Central Air) systems in hospitals or health care facilities, although there is a mechanistic possibility of this occurring.

Practical recommendations for non-hospital public settings include, but are not limited to, increasing air supply and exhaust ventilation for extended operation times, supply as much outside air as reasonably possible and avoid air turbulence.

Moreover, since air supply fresh air is key we are doing the following:

Maximize fresh air intake on our HVAC systems.  These provide 20-25% fresh air.  By keeping our HVAC fans (not rotating ceiling fans!) on at all times we are replacing the air in the entire facility consistently.

Our systems are designed to handle the high ceilings (24 to 49 feet) and thus allow a huge volume of fresh air intake 

We are strongly avoiding turbulence of indoor air so that any droplets are most likely to settle on the ground without being spread into an aerosol.
This means NO use of ceiling fans, or anything else that creates unnecessary turbulence of air.

The front and garage doors being open may provide a little extra amount of fresh air flow and may be opened at times if they do not create turbulence but in general, we are relying on mechanical methods of forcing in a consistent, higher volume of fresh air.

We are fortunate that we have high ceiling height, large cubic volume of spaces and multiple HVAC (central air) units in each building to allow us to mechanically and consistently provide fresh air.

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Do you need to book?
Bookings are no longer required.

Are masks required?
We no longer require wearing masks as of March 30. Many of us will still be wearing our masks (as of this writing in late March 2022) but it is your choice whether to wear one or not when visiting. Whatever your choice we ask that you continue to be kind, considerate and respectful towards everyone – regardless of whether they choose to wear a mask or not.


Is loose chalk allowed?
No. We allow liquid chalk or chalk ball (must not have loose chalk outside of the chalk ball) 

Are you still renting gear?
Yes, shoes and harnesses.