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Zenist – Evolv


Technical Level: Aggressive

Stiffness: Medium

Ideal for: Bouldering, Indoor climbing, Sport and top rope climbing

Bouldering on modern gym style, smeary problems that require powerful body positions and all parts of the shoe. The Zenist was designed for the competition climber who needs the most feedback from their shoes during precise foot placements and delicate heel & toe hooks. The Vegan synthetic upper built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time. the midsole featured in the Zenist is a rubber midsole that provides just the right amount of rigidity without sacrificing the sensitivity. When the competition is on the line feedback from your shoes can mean the difference between winning and competing.

*Zenist users suggest downsizing 1-1.5 sizes (performance fit) or 0.5-1 sizes
(comfort fit) from your street shoe size.