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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adventure Hub?

Adventure Hub is an interactive indoor adventure & climbing arena. Please visit here to see photos and videos of all the adventure elements!

When should we arrive?

Events start at the scheduled time. Please show up on time so you do not lose climbing time.

What do I need to know?

Make sure that no child is left out of the fun!

There are 2 documents needed from each guest.

  1. Waiver: Our insurance requires that everyone staying in the facility have an up to date waiver, even if they are only watching. Adults can fill out their own waiver and will need to bring in a piece of ID to verify their information. Minors need their waivers filled out by their parents or court appointed legal guardian. It cannot be filled out by their siblings/aunt/grandparents/friend’s parent/etc, unless they are their legal guardian. Legal guardians will need to bring paperwork to verify their information. Our staff are required to ask for ID. If you filled out a waiver or Facility Introduction please bring a valid driver’s license or similar photo ID.
  2. Facility Introduction: to be filled out by all climbers 12 and older and any adults who are supervising. Facility Introduction can be found online: https://hubclimbing.com/orientation/ Legal names need to be used, not nicknames, short forms, etc.

To speed up your check in: Waivers and Facility Introductions should be filled out 1-2 days prior to the event date

Please arrive at the scheduled time, If you are late or do not have the documents filled out 1-2 days prior, you may lose out on climbing time.

Location: 3636 Hawkestone Mississauga Ontario, L5C 2V2

What should I wear?

  • Please wear CLEAN closed toe shoes with tied laces. Clean sneakers are best.
  • These types of shoes are not permitted: climbing shoes with black soles. heels, flip-flops, open toe shoes.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. We recommend pants or long shorts. Long hair should be tied back in a low pony tail.

How old does my child need to be to climb?

  • Everyone climbing must weigh at least 30lbs, under 300 lbs.
  • We recommend the Adventure Hub for ages 6 and up. This activity is not suitable for participants under the age of 5. (Minimum permitted age is 4)
  • It’s recommended to not bring anyone under four years of age because there’s no activities for them.

Am I too old to climb?

Short answer, nope! We have members and guests of all ages.

Please note that our birthday parties are set up for children! Anyone over 18 who wishes to climb must purchase an entry pass.

How many supervising adults can I bring?

To avoid crowding, 2 adults per group of 4 children are permitted without extra charge.
– Any extra adults will have to pay a chaperone fee of $9.95+tax at the reception desk prior to entry.
– For example with a party of 10-12, 6 adults are included without charge. You may bring more chaperones at $9.95 per person.

How is the event supervised?

  • All children under 18 years old must be supervised by their parents. Supervision includes clipping kids in and out of climbs.
  • Adults are responsible to supervise children at 1:3 ratio
  • Most parties do not request a Hub staff to supervise but if you prefer a Hub staff to supervise please let us know at mississauga@hubclimbing.com.

Availability is limited so please let us know as early as possible. The fee is $35 for 60 mins (+HST)

– Orientation (training on how to supervise) takes place on an upstairs mezzanine. Adult supervisors must be able to climb up stairs

What is the party schedule at Adventure Hub?

Your party schedule is as follows:

  • An event lead will welcome you
  • You can leave your jackets, bags, etc in a locker (feel free to bring a lock)
  • 30 min of check in, harnessing, and orientation/li>
  • 1 hour of climbing in Adventure Hub
  • 1 hour in the Party Room
  • You can set up the party room 15 minutes before your eating time begins

What if we wish to add more climbers?

  • Please contact us if you would like to add on more climbers than booked here. We can only confirm if there is capacity via email to mississauga@hubclimbing.com
  • If adults in your group want to join the climbing at the time of the event please notify our staff to check if there is capacity. (Price is the same per person rate as for children).

Super Challenges Included

Each party includes 1 try of the Drop Slide and 1 try of the Giant Jump. You may purchase a bundle of 2 tries each of the Drop Slide and 2 tries of the Giant Jump for $7 online.

Where should I park at Hub Climbing Mississauga?

Parking is available on both the east and west side parking lots.

The east side parking lot faces our front entrance and is shared with our neighbour, skyzone.

The west side parking lot can be accessed through a separate driveway, approximately 30 meters west of our entrance door.