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Walking the Towers

Adventure Hub

An electrifying adventure arena designed for families with kids ages 4+.

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Kids Birthday Parties

Unforgettable birthday party experiences you can’t get elsewhere

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Summer Camp

Climbing is a fun day camp activity but will also help your child learn a growth mindset.

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Youth Recreational Team

Climbing programs to help your child build skill, boost confidence and develop a growth mindset.

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Youth Development Team

This program is for those looking to get more regular training time with a coach.

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Youth Groups

Memorable group experiences for camp and youth groups

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Hub Climbing Testimonials

An absolute hidden gem in the center of the city. My kids and I started the rock climbing adventure about 2 1/2 years ago. Not sure what to expect and how everyone would take to it, after about 5 minutes everyone was hooked. The facility is absolutely fantastic with something for everyone and all levels of skill. Most importantly, the staff are amazing; to sum it up in one word. Very friendly, approachable and most importantly take the time to explain everything if you have any questions.


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