Fun climbing challenges designed just for kids!

  • Over 25 climbing challenges designed just for kids under 12 years
  • All climbs use safety harness
  • Popular option for children who are new to climbing
  • Harness and shoes rental - included
  • Parent shown how to clip in child
  • Bonus! Access to Augmented Reality Wall games
  • This package does not include bouldering (climbing without a harness) or top rope climbing


$25 +HST

No booking needed

  • Includes harness rental and shoes.
  • No booking needed


  • ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY - front desk can not book these online rates on site!
  • Must be reserved at least 90 minutes prior to start time
  • Prices and quantity available are subject to change
  • Not valid for birthday parties, group events or special events
Self Supervised 60 minute Climb FAQs
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Self Supervised Climbing session FAQs

Q: How many kids can I supervise at once?
A: An adult who is only supervising and not climbing can supervise a maximum of 3 children.  An adult who is climbing can supervise a maximum of 2 children. 
Q: What gear do I need?
A: Loose-fitting clothing that your child can easily move around in. We will provide your child with climbing shoes and harness. 
Q: Does my child have to be skilled or in good shape? 
A: No —climbing gyms have courses that cater to a wide range of fitness levels. Generally speaking, if you can climb a ladder you can indoor rock climb.
Q: What are the minimum ages and weights for climbers?
A: The minimum climbing age is 6 years old.  We occasionally see slightly younger children (5 years of age) fit into the harness well, but ask you to contact us prior to your climb time to assess this.    A child must weigh at least 35 pounds to use our auto-belay system.
Q: Whats included?
A: Hub's kids area with 25-30 autobelay climbs, the harness and shoe rentals.  Everything you need for a fun experience.

Q: What ages may enter this area?
A: For children under 12 years of age only (and their parents).

Q: How do I supervise?  Is it difficult?
A: Parents supervise their kids by clipping and unclipping their children.  The orientation for parents to use autobelay clips is free.
It's easy!   Just clip your child's harness to the belay anchor before they start their ascent.  Once your child is clipped in, the device will lower them slowly back to the ground. When your child is done climbing, clip them out.   And cheer your child on!

Q: What if my child wants to top rope or boulder?
A: If your child would like to boulder, a day pass would grant access to both the kids area and the bouldering area.  
Top rope climbing is not available with a 60 or 90 minute session.  
Top Rope requires a belay lesson (60-90 Minutes booked in advance).  Please contact us, visit our website or see the front desk for details.