Rock Climbing Adventure & Discovery Camp - Summer Session

Campers experience climbing, team building, games and crafts. Climbing periods will consist of roped climbing and bouldering. The campers will work on progressing their climbing while having fun and using proper technique. Older campers will focus on technique and different problems. Younger, less experienced campers will focus more on having fun and being safe while climbing.

Supervision at a 1:5 ratio.   Campers will spend anywhere from 2-3 hours climbing in the day.

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Climbing will help your child learn a growth mindset, pacing and planning.

Self confidence: When harnessed and secured, a child can be on a low climbing wall and still repeatedly failing but then achieving greater heights.  They directly feel the rewards of stepping out of their comfort zone. It requires children to shed their inhibitions and appreciate the value of persistence when facing tough conditions. Rock Climbing fills their minds with self-confidence)

Cognitive Development includes; Problem-solving, Spatial awareness, planning ascents and tricky challenges before you face them

Social and emotional development includes; Self-esteem building, Self-Determination, making friends, trust between friends and camp counselors

Fundamentals Development; Agility, Balance, Coordination, Mobility, flexibility.

Responsibility and planning: Campers will also learn the safety aspects of climbing. From starting a climb to finishing the climb. Before starting, campers will have to find a way down in a safe manner.

Fun while being active:   There will be fun activities during the 3 hours of climbing experience, campers will get climbing games and activities. We may even get a little competitive and do a little competitions at the end of the week to help motivate some of the campers. (These competitions are all friendly competitions. We try to make every camper a winner!)
Each day your child will conquer challenges and build skills and self esteem in the process:
Climbing Lessons:  Campers will learn the fundamentals of climbing.

Safety Mindset:
Campers will learn about safety equipment and how to think about safety first.

Friends at Camp

Full Day of Camp

$84/day  OR  $350 for the week

  • No risk sign up:  Fully Refundable $20 deposit 
  • Activities are designed to suit any individual regardless of fitness level
  • 9am-4pm, early drop off 8:30am, late pick up 6:00pm**
  • In addition to the climbing the day will consist of games, crafts, movies and climbing related activities. Games will be played in the party room or in specific sections of the gym. All games will cater to the age group and be fun and active.

Add ons
Early & Late Pick up
$15+HST – Single day
$50+HST – Full week

Regular days – 9 AM – 4 PM
Early & Late – 8:30 AM – 6 PM

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or call us at (905) 604-4588.  Some spots still available.


Lunch Time: 1 PM is lunchtime, campers need to bring their own lunch and some snacks. We have a few snacks here for campers to purchase. We have water fountains or campers can purchase juice or Gatorade.

**Early drop-off, late pick-up and cancellation fees:

We schedule our staff for the camp period and will need to ensure that we will have the staff available to supervise your child before or after camp hours.

If you are interested in early drop off and/or late pickup, please select that option when booking online. Early drop off is at 8:30am and late pick-up any time before 6pm. The fees are $15/day or $50/week

Please let us know 24 hours in advance if early drop off is needed.

* All prices exclude HST


If you cancel a session with at least 48 hours notice you will receive a refund of the amount paid, minus the administrative fee ($15+ HST)


Summer Camp

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Summer Camp Details 

  • AR Cave (Augmented Reality Climbing Wall): Unique digital climbing games that challenge mind and body.
  • Climbing based activities (on the wall):
  • Word Scramble, minesweeper, Rock paper scissor climb, and more!
  • Social Physical Activities: Team based games, dodgeball, obstacle course, and more!

We have indoor and outdoor activities. Each day there will be approximately 2 – 3 hours of climbing time. At the beginning of each week there will be a small lesson on climbing technique. For week long climbers, they will be able to build on that skill throughout the entire week.

Lessons/ Technique could include:
Foot work, foot position, body position, understanding different types of holds and how to hold them. Lessons could also include how to read the routes!

Climbing based activities (on the wall) include:

Word Scramble, minesweeper, Rock paper scissor climb, and more!

High Physical Activities include:
Team based games, dodgeball, obstacle course, and more!

Quiet Time Activities include:
Arts and crafts, board games, card games, movies, and more!

AR Cave (Augmented Reality Climbing Wall)
Campers will enjoy the climbing games that campers can enjoy and feel like they are in the future.

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor activities include sidewalk chalk art, water based activities or going to the nearby park, 10 minutes away. Playground activities can be grounder, tag, octopus, and more! These activities are weather dependent and there will be alternative indoor activities if it is not suitable to go outside.

Additional programs
If campers enjoyed their time and want to develop more skills and technique we offer our Recreational team for all young climbers. For more detail click here  

Hub Climbing 2021 FAQ - For Camp during COVID

General Information about Camps

  • DATE - Hub’s Camp will be running from July - August (Dates are TBD based on when school ends) 
  • HOURS - Camp hours will vary depending on which stage we are in. (PLEASE SEE BELOW)
  • AGES - 6 - 14 years of age. 
  • DURATION - Full week only (No individual days) 

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Our Health and Safety protocols closely follows the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines: Summer Day Camps Version 3
  • Ratios between Camp Counselor and Campers will vary based on age
  • Siblings will be kept together. 
  • Shared surfaces will be sanitized before and after each use. 
  • Each camper will be given their own assigned space 6 ft apart for storing their personal belongings and seating. 
  • When eating they will be in their assigned space. If weather permits lunch and snack time may be eaten outside instead of inside the facility.
  • Each camper will be given their own crafts kit for the week (At the end of the week, craft kits must be returned, however, artwork can be taken home!). If parents prefer bringing in their own craft kits, they are welcome to do so. Please let us know.
  • If there is an outbreak or a close contact case of Covid, Hub has created a Health and Safety Protocol on next steps.

Personal Protective Equipment/ Face Mask

  • Face masks are required at all times. Even when climbing wearing a face mask will be required.
  • Face mask must have at least 2 layers of fabric or be a medical mask. 
  • Buffs, face masks with exhalation valves, only Face shield or single-layer mask are not permitted in our facility.

Sanitization Protocols 

  • Shared surfaces will be sanitized before and after use. 
  • Staff at the front desk will be frequently sanitizing commonly used areas. (Doors, water fountains, washroom, handles, front desk table, etc) 
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available around the facility, campers are required to frequently wash or sanitize their hands. 
  • Hand washing is especially important before eating or drinking. 
  • Camp counselors will encourage campers to avoid touching their faces. If a camper touches their face, they must wash/sanitize their hands before continuing their activity.

 What to bring

  • Water bottles. Water fountains are out of service. However, our water bottle filler is working.
  • Ensure you pack one lunch and snacks for the camper to consume. 
  • Face mask - It is encouraged that 3-4 masks/climber are brought in case their face mask breaks, gets wet, or damp.
  • Running shoes are recommended, so they can participate in activities that require comfortable shoes.
  • More information about our camp
  • There will be more information provided upon sign up, we will provide you with the COVID Rules for Hub Climbing Camp, Campers Code of Conduct, and an Athlete’s Participation Form. 

Cancellation policy

  • 14 days notice required if you would like to receive a full refund. 
  • If less than 14 days you will receive Full store credit. 
  • For cancellation partway through the week, you will receive store credit valued at 50% of the remaining days of the week.
    If we have to cancel camp due to COVID, payment will be 100% refunded

Camp Philosophy

We believe that your child should learn new things, meet new people, and best of all – forge friendships.  Camp should be safe and run by trained counselors. Camp should also be fun and give many opportunities for YOUR child’s personal growth. Here is how Hub Climbing camp can provide meaningful experiences and expand your child’s horizons.

Varied Experiences:
Hub provides a mix of activities so that learning comes naturally. We do more than climbing for our campers. We have arts and crafts, yoga, fitness games, outdoor games and, weather permitting, forest walks.

Social Diversity:
We strive to create a social environment that is caring and supportive where campers feel they can take risks, make new friends and try new things. At Hub Climbing, most of our campers are totally new climbers who come from a variety of backgrounds.

Multisensory Skill Building:
Climbing is both a cognitive and physical activity. The climbing challenges are designed to require a mix of athletic movement and delicate balance to complete.

Resilience and Overcoming Challenge:
Challenges always require conquering oneself. Your child will set personal goals, learn perseverance, explore and reflect on their successes and next steps. Talent is easy. Practice and trying is hard work. We will show youth, and adults too, that hard work can and should be fun. Remember, climbing is not about “heights” but about balance, goal setting, perseverance and of course brains and fitness.

Cognitive Development
Climbers will confront various challenges simultaneously. Participants leave the ground taking on short but tricky climbing challenges using their balance, technique, strength, and problem-solving skills. Their fear factor can be present as well. A climbing challenge can be as low as inches of the ground and still be very challenging to complete.

Trained Camp Counsellors:
Many of our coaches and camp program planners are certified teachers and/or teacher candidates and ECEs. More than that, our trained counselors share a love for the sport and the culture of co-operation. Your child will have experienced leadership from educators who love what they do. The counselors and teachers will set the tone for fun and excitement.

Our camp staff are trained in safety regulations, emergency procedures and communication, behavior management techniques, appropriate staff and camper behavior, and specific procedures for supervision.

Supervision & Behavioural management:
We believe in positive reinforcement, assertive role modeling and a sense of fair play. Camp takes place with a ratio of no more than 5 campers per counselor. Rules are necessary for any organization to maintain the safety and enjoyment of all participants. We use a progressive disciplinary approach where expectations are clearly stated at the beginning of each activity.

Tour Available:
Come in and see us in action. Email us and set up a tour. There are also dozens of reviews online about our facility that will help you learn more about our unique organization and vision.
We look forward to seeing you at Hub Climbing this upcoming camp season!


Your friends @ Hub Climbing

(Markham Kids photos by Ryan Chan)