From the Youth Program Manager:

Hi Parents,

My name is Cynthia, if you have not met me yet, I am the Camp and Youth Program Manager!

Our Recreational Team is a program dedicated to athletes who want to train and learn different techniques and skills to enhance their climbing ability.

Your child will learn the names of climbing techniques and climbing movements and be part of a learning environment where they can improve their climbing skills while having fun.

This team provides a foundation for children to move to our Development team. (Typically during lessons there will be brief moments where the athletes will be sitting and listening to the instruction of the coaches. Generally about 10 – 15 minutes of explanation on specific techniques.)

· Communication skills
· Teamwork skills (your success is linked to your teams success)
· Personal Growth and Development (goal setting)
· Climbing skills

Beginner program

The objective is to focus on learning the basics of climbing and to develop a passion for this unique sport through climbing-related games and activities. There are no drop ins for this program.

Experienced program

The objective is to build upon basic climbing skills, develop and practice techniques, and challenge participants to become a better climber. There are no drop ins for this program.


Each age group will have its own times and when you enroll in a session, please note it will be a weekly occurrence (i.e. If you register on Tuesday, it will be every Tuesday until the session ends.).

Programs shortened by one class due to Easter Monday:
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Dragons (6 Weeks) - Click Here

Wyvern (6 Weeks) - Click Here

7 week programs that include Easter Monday:

Blaze (7 Week) - Click Here
Dragons (7 Weeks) - Click Here
Wyvern (7 Weeks) - Click Here
Leviathan (7 Weeks) - Click Here
TEEN REC (7 Weeks) - Click Here

Thank you and if you have any questions please email me at cynthia @

  • Where space permits, late enrollments will be allowed at a prorated rate.
  • If enrollment is low, some programs may be amalgamated.


Parents of youth enrolled in development and recreational teams are provided free access to yoga and fitness studio use while class is in session.

NEW! membership savings are now available for parents and the youth who are registered in our program, please see add-ons when registering.

  • Equipment is included only during class time.
  • All participants will still require “Active” Supervision during visits outside of class time. Parents are encouraged to sit in during class times and learn how to supervise their children. We will also be providing a safety handout for parents.
  • Youth currently participating in Youth Recreational or Development team can receive 25% off our regular priced climbing shoes (Limit of 1 pair per calendar year)

We hope to see you soon!

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