fbpx York Region High School Bouderling Comp 2020 | Hub Climbing Markham

Sunday April 21, closing at 8pm for staff social


Entry cost: $26+HST

Cost of climbing shoe rentals $6+HST
Doors open at 9:00 am

Check in:
Grade 9 and 10: start at 9.00 am – 9.45 am
Grade 11 and 12: start at 10.15 am – 11.00 am

Grade 9 and 10: start at 10.00 am – 1:00 pm
Grade 11 and 12: start at 11.30 am – 2.30 pm

Register Here


Climbing shoes are mandatory and must be paid for individually by student upon their arrival at Hub.

Competitors are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before their competition window starts. There will be an athlete’s’ meeting 15 minutes before the start of each climbing window to go over Bouldering comp rules, information and handing out score sheets.


Independent climbers can register online.

Competitors must register by Feb 14th 2020 or they will not be able to compete.  If there are extenuating circumstances which makes this difficult, please contact us at 905-604-4588 or markham@hubclimbing.com

Registration can be done individually or by the teacher per division.

Teachers need to email Hub (markham@hubclimbing.com) the list of competitors by Feb 14th 2020.

Entry requirements

Waivers, bouldering orientations and stripes test must be completed no later than Feb 21st. Note: If you have previously completed the orientations, it’s not required to be done again. Waivers expire every 18 months.

The bouldering orientation and stripes test may NOT be done on the morning of the event. We encourage students to come in on their own to have this completed. Please contact us if you need to check their status.

Students 18 and over can fill waivers out themselves.

Waiver link for parents or court-appointed legal guardians can be accessed at www.hubclimbing.com/waiver

Upon arrival, please have students tell Hub staff that they are participating in the York Region Bouldering Competition. Purchasing a day pass is necessary if the student would like to climb outside of the competition.


How to train?

Bouldering/Climbing training can take place in any climbing facility

Discounts for training at Hub Climbing?

Day pass: $17 + tax
1 month Markham gym membership with shoe and harness rental incl: $55 + tax – (Special Requirements, please inquire)

For Teachers

Complimentary wifi access will be provided
Complimentary access to tables and chairs as needed

Waivers, orientations

Mandatory for all minors, must be done before Feb 21st

Do we have to stay the whole duration of the comp?

No, access to the comp climbs is limited to your 3 hour competition window. Only Gr 9-10 from 10am-11:30am Only Gr 11-12 from 1-2:30pm.

There will be an overlap from 11:30am-1pm where all grades will be in the comp problems

Can I climb after my 3 hrs are up?

Yes, but not on the comp climbs, unless the comp is over. After the comp, a day pass will be required. We do not recommend students climb after the competition as they will likely be fatigued

How is a school winner declared?

Highest top 5 average score of the school is the winner for the ‘school’ category. Minimum of 5 climbers is necessary to participate in the school category. Individual/independent climbers cannot form a team, unless there are 5 climbers from the same school.

How are individual winners declared?

Top six climbs counted – highest score in each category.

Male Grade 9/10 Male Grade 11/12.

Female Grade 9/10 Female Grade 11/12.

Is there a ceremony?

NO – winner will be declared ASAP, results posted on social media day of, medals awarded asap

Additional Information & Rules

If you need an invoice, please email us. We will need the final numbers of climbers from your school to provide the proper amount in the invoice.

If on the day of the competition, students who are on your final list do not show up and compete, we will provide a refund for those competitors by March 6 2020. Students who are not on the list will not be able to participate if they show up day of the competition.

Please inform your students that pictures will be taking during the competition, if there are any parents or students who do not want the student’s picture to be published, please have them email us stating that they would not like their picture taken during the 2020 York Region High School Bouldering Competition to be released.

If you have any questions please contact us.

  1. Competitors are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before their competition window starts (doors open at 9 am). There will be an athletes’ meeting 15 minutes before the start of each climbing window to go over Bouldering Comp rules/information/handing out score sheets.
  2. Competitors are allowed to watch other climbers, and climb non-comp problems to warm up. They may not use comp problems in their warm up.
  3. Competitors/spectators may assist another competitor verbally before and between their climbing attempts. During their climbing attempts, spectators/other competitors may cheer and encourage the competitor. No help or tips on solving the climb while competitor is on the wall.
  4. Climbers may attempt as many problems as they wish – only the top 6 scores will get added for the final score.
  5. Climbers must ask 2 witnesses to watch their climb before they begin each attempt. If successful, circle the score for that climb. For example, Problem #4, successful on first attempt: 40 points. Get the two witnesses to initial the successful climb. If you are not successful, cross off the points for that climb, and decide whether to attempt the same problem again or to try a different problem. The 2nd attempt is worth 5 fewer points than the first attempt, while the 3rd attempt is worth 9 less than the first attempt (and 4 less than the 2nd attempt). Note that the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. climbs are all worth the same number of points as the 3rd attempt.
  6. Note: a successful first attempt at an easier problem is only worth 1 less point than the 3rd attempt at the problem one higher. Ex. 3rd attempt on problem 6 is worth 51 points, while the 1st attempt on problem 5 is worth 50 points. Conversely, problem 6 will be always be worth more than problem 5, no matter how many attempts.
  7. If you are not successful after attempting a particular problem, consider a different strategy or approach. Discuss with others (only if you are not climbing at the time).
  8. Before starting your climb, please check your problem to see if anyone else is on a problem that intersects within yours. First person has right of way.
  9. Once both feet are off the ground, it is considered an attempt.
  10. You must have a controlled start. Start holds are marked with tape.
  11. You must have both hands touching the finish hold (marked with tape) for at least 3 seconds to consider the attempt complete.
  12. When your 3 hours are up, list your top 6 problems in the box at the bottom, and calculate your final score. Don’t forget to include your name, school, grade, category and gender.
  13. School winner will be the highest average score of the top 5 climbers of that school. You need a minimum of 5 climbers to participate in this category. Individual/independent climbers cannot form a team, unless there are 5 climbers from the same school.
  14. Awards will be announced and presented shortly after 2:30 pm. The top 3 scores in all 4 categories will be presented with medals.
  15. Students must behave appropriately at all times and listen to staff and coaches’ instructions.