In order to protect members' access, we have made 4 changes:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection during the climbing slot, rather than closing the facility for 15mn.  (Please leave the facility on time. Otherwise this will impede on the next group's booking.)
  2. Split the facility into 3 zones. You must remain in your zone throughout your climbing session in order to ensure that we don't exceed the maximum approved capacity for each zone.
  3. In order to avoid non-members from occupying member slots, we have removed all options to purchase a day pass.
  4. Stronger hygiene precautions: Please remember to wash or sanitize your hands after every climb. Chalk and liquid chalk may help disable the virus from the climbing surfaces but hand hygiene is still critical.

Zone breakdown (Nov 17 and on)

Zone 1: 10 climbers
Zone 2: 10 climbers
Zone 3 (training area): 3 climbers

Markham Map of Zones

Book your climbing sessions here (Nov 17 and on):

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3 (training area)

Please stay in your zone that you book to help us remain in compliance, and stay open!