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Top Rope climbing in the Toronto area, Mississauga and Markham

Hub Climbing is your local indoor climbing and bouldering expert.

Top rope climbing is indoor climbing using harnesses and ropes.

It is the most common style of climbing used in indoor climbing walls.
Top rope climbing offers the rock climbing experience with all of the rewards but less risks than bouldering or lead climbing.

If you fall you usually only fall a few feet until the rope catches you.
Top roping requires two people, the climber and the belayer who holds the ropes and acts as a counterweight to the climber.
The rope runs from a belayer at the start of a route to an anchor at the top of the route and back down to the climber.

Hub Climbing offers autobelays as an alternative to having a belayer manage the ropes for you. When a climber reaches the top or falls, the autobelay slowly lowers the climber to the ground.