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Kids Birthday party places in Oakville and Mississauga 2020

For children from 4 to 12 years of age updated for 2020

Our climbers and their kids do about every other sport imaginable and enjoy so many other venues that we feel its a good service to attempt to share some of the cool stuff we’ve seen around Oakville and Mississauga!  If you are interested in a rock climbing birthday party, we have lots of information on that too, here!  Below is our list of kids birthday party places for 2020.

Mississauga and Oakville offer many birthday party places but  sometimes it’s tricky to find memorable party ideas for older kids.  To help you select the perfect place we’ve listed a few ideas below.

Trampoline Birthday Party Places
  • Staff take care of your kids and your guests have time to relax
  • Generally are stress free parties
  • Kids jump around in different themed areas such as foam pits and trampolines and get to be kids
  • All the mess is taken care of by staff
  • Digital party invitations are usually included at no extra cost.
  • Mississauga Examples: Sky Zone,and in Oakville: Aerosports
Indoor Archery Parties
  • This place offers a Huge Nerf wall (biggest in the country!) for kids and adults parties.  In Mississauga, Battle Archery fits the bill nicely!
Arts and Crafts themed Parties
Indoor Parachuting
  • Here’s your chance to experience skydiving without having to fall out of a plane!    Oakville’s iFly includes private party rooms.
 Rock Climbing
  • Kids love rock climbing!
  • Almost every child can do it as no separate skill or strength is required.
  • DO request a separate kid’s area with climbing routes designed just for those little ones with a shorter reach.
  • DO ask for roped climbing, where your harness is secured by rope to an anchor point.
  • DO ask for large rooms and comfortable space for your guests.
  • Ask if the facility allows you to bring your own food or only allows you to eat the food they serve on site.
  • If you haven’t already been to one, ask us or click here to learn more about Hub Climbing’s fun birthday parties here.

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