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Indoor Rock Climbing Event for Miss Canada

On Wednesday the 25th of July, the 2018 Search for Miss World Canada brought all fifty -five delegates to Hub Climbing for their annual Fitness Day mini-competition. This yearly physical-fitness event tests the athletic abilities of all their delegates and determines the Top Ten most athletic candidates whose scores are then published.  The winner, the person deemed most-athletic, gets a free pass into the Top 20 Finalists and that’s a big deal as those top twenty delegates whose names are called are really the only ones who get to compete in the Grande Finale on Saturday night. It is from those top twenty young women that the winner is eventually crowned. So for the ladies here today this was a golden opportunity to get ahead.

The day-long Fitness Day event was organized to comply with the parameters set out by the UK-based Miss World organization; the Miss World Canada beauty pageant has to test the athleticism of all entrants, and add those values to their scores on Saturday night. The UK-body mandates that there be at least three different exercise-based challenges and that these test different parts of the body. The examples they list are sprinting, push-ups and chin-ups which is what they’ve done in the past at other fitness gyms around the GTA.

But not at Hub Climbing.  First we showed them the ropes, and then we put the delegates through a five-part physical examination they will never forget. We tested muscles they didn’t even know they had!

We tested their raw climbing skills in a speed climb, where they each delegate had to quickly scale a wall and stop a clock.  Each competitor got three tries and the best time was just under eleven seconds.

And we tested their team work in bouldering relay race. Split into groups of four but still competing as individuals, one by one the ladies had to maneuver their way across our longest traverse, and then wait and then come back again. The best team’s time was just over ten minutes.

After four challenging tests, the fifth was the ultimate challenge.  One by one they each attempted a solo-climb up the Dragon which tests every muscle in their bodies and stamina and mental strength too.

Clearly this is not your usual beauty pageant.

Brandon, Nat and Chris really went above and beyond what was expected of them that Wednesday.   Our team climbed to the challenge and designed, organized and staffed a five-part ordeal that involved top-rope climbing, bouldering and a solo climb against ‘The Dragon’.

The high scorers were:

Kansas – 172
Natasha – 168
Erin  -163
Meighen  -161
Taylor -158
Rebecca -156
Brynn -149
Kristen -149
Laetitia – 146
Tiffany -143

Fastest climb on the speed wall challenge was 10.58 seconds. The fastest team on the traverse race was 10min 31sec Highest on the Dragon climb was 50pts

Johnny’s Schwarma in Scarborough was brought in for lunch, and the nutritious sustenance was needed and appreciated by all delegates recharging their muscles.  Let’s remember that as exceptional as today was for them, this is just one more ordeal in what is for them a year-long quest for our nation’s biggest silver tiara.

Hub Climbing was chosen from the many other climbing gyms in the Toronto area, and we are so proud to have been selected for this special day.

Hanna Begovic won Miss World Canada 2018 and you can see her in this staff photo – bottom right.

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