Free Yoga classes 

Tues, 6:30pm, Vinyasa with Steph. Focus on hips shoulders and core.
NEW ! Tues 8:00pm, Moving Meditation with Connie
Weds, 7pm Yoga for Climbers, with Kat
Thurs, 7pm Yoga for Climbers with Kat

If you’re a member or daypass / ten pass visitor once you’ve punched in for your visit at Hub, visit the multipurpose room and get your Yoga on.
Non members price is $7+HST/visit.

More information about Moving Meditation:

June 20 th – July 11 th 2017

These classes will take the participant into postures that assists in understanding how our mind and our body work and interact. Both Yoga and climbing teaches us how to take more responsibility and thinking for ourselves. It requires conscious effort to establish autonomy in consciousness. For example: precise footwork is one of the most important techniques to master in climbing. Strong, supple feet and mobile ankles are important for climbers. Yoga can teach us to become more aware of our feet as the placement of the feet are fundamental to maintaining lightness, stability and dynamism in most asanas.

For the next four weeks come explore the possibilities in moving meditation. We will be gaining more insights into the interaction of the mind and body through thoughts, habits, breathing, movement and balance. You will be able to carry more awareness to the obstacles you face on your mat, to your climbing situations and in life.