Supervised Option

Staff guide you through the various climbing activities at Hub

Perfect for individuals and groups of over 5 people.

Your group will receive staff supervision and guidance so you can access the bouldering, auto belays and even try the dragon (depending on age levels).

Sessions last 90 mins total time. Most groups are usually exhausted within 90 minutes.   If you wish to boulder, a 15-20 minute bouldering orientation will be conducted within the allocated 90 minutes.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.  No technical experience or skills required.

All equipment is included in the group supervised prices:

Supervised climbs start at $35 per person (2-4 people).
5-10 people: $25 per person
11-19 people: $22 per person
20+ people: $20 per person

Prices do not include HST.

For the supervised climb, you need to reserve a spot at least 1 week in advance. There is a $125 deposit fee to lock the space up. Come on by for a tour and/or just email us to book it at your earliest convenience.

* Adults who are not climbing need not pay anything to enter.  All they need to do is fill out a waiver beforehand.