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Introductory Bouldering Lesson

The best place to start is usually with the basics. Hub Climbing’s Introductory Bouldering course aims to provide you with the basics you need to start climbing more efficiently, allowing you to have fun while developing a solid foundation for further improvement. The lesson covers everything from bouldering terminology to energy saving tips and tricks, and techniques for better body positioning. We’ve designed the lesson to help you maximize your climbing experience: more fun and more fitness.
This semi private lesson covers: warming up to avoid injury, understanding handhold types and grip techniques, basic footwork techniques, moving from position to position, proper smearing, high steps, balance, and all four methods of foot matching.
Includes some critique and feedback on your technique.

1 hour lesson (approximate)

$50/per person for private lessons for min 2 up to 4 people
  • or members can just show up for a Free non private lesson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8.30pm and Saturdays at 1.30pm
  • Email Us To Book

    (1 week notice required)

Injury prevention presentation

This is a free presentation on how to use the fitness studio equipment to prevent injuries and exercises to make you a stronger climber

Thurs nights at 8.30pm

  • for day passers and members
  • 45 minute duration
  • No reservation needed

Introductory Top Rope (Belay) lesson

Top Rope climbing (where the rope is anchored through a point at the top of the climb) is the traditional version of indoor climbing that most people associate with the sport. With anchors always above you, you have a fixed system that allows you to safely climb and try climbs, while someone holds and works the rope to arrest falls and safely lower you back to the ground; this process is called belaying. The skills required to do this independently are not difficult, but require careful instruction and practice to properly master.

  • Contact Us to Book
  • Instruction up to 2 hours. Includes climbing shoes, harness and a day pass!
    Offered to those 13 or older.