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Yelp Spider Training School Elite Event


Hub was proud to host Yelp’s Elite Group Event! It was a huge hit with 21 5-star reviews!
Here’s a sample of the feedback and you can read more from Yelp’s Community Blog. Or head straight to their photo album

Yelp 5 Star ReviewGreat event Kris and thanks to Bobby for the invite. The staff were super friendly as well as the other Elite Yelpers. Majority of the gym is dedicated to bouldering and the size is much larger than most gyms. The top rope courses are challenging and the dragon bouldering centerpiece was fun. After falling from high up, I sunk deep into the foam pit and was swallowed up.

I will return with a bunch of friends to the gym in March. Anyone else going to return?

Victor L., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review I loveeeeeeed this YEE :D!!

Big thanks to Kris and HUB Climing staff for organizing and guiding us through a fun (and safe!) night of rock climbing and bouldering! This is definitely very different from our usual food indulging events lol. I thought the snack and schwag bag was a very nice touch… keeps us energized during the climb 🙂 I love the fact that we are discovering more and more amazing businesses around the GTA and they are getting the recognition they deserve!

I had so much fun climbing for the first time. It was quite the workout! Sore arms and bruised legs are all part of the fun LMAO… it just makes you stronger 😉 The staff at Hub Climbing were very patient and friendly. They gave out great instructions and techniques on how to safely climb and to tackle each course! Left foot on this one, right hand on that one… I felt like I was playing twister, but on a wall lol. My +1 was the worst at giving out instructions while bouldering on our own… somehow I’m all twisted and tangled up there and I was literally screaming down for help hahaha…

All in all, amazing event, amazing crowd – I loved everyone’s fun and supporting spirit 😀 Thank you once again for a great night! And I’m proud to say that I survived!!!

Cherrie T., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  BEST. EVENT. EVAR!!!

Kudos to Kris U. for taking us out of our comfort zone. Rock climbing/bouldering is probably something I would have never sought out, but thank to this event it’s definitely something I will be seeking out in the future.

This venue was quite awesome, the space dedicated to climbing is massive. Thanks to the super friendly staff who were knowledgeable and tremendously patient with a noob like myself.

It was great to see all the yelpers unleashing their inner spider-man! Can’t wait to climb again! If Kris has more diverse and challenging events like this one up his sleeve than 2015 promises to be a most excellent year for Yelp GTA. #GTAROCKS

Sami E., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  My first yelp elite event! YAY!

I came in with zero knowledge on bouldering and I’ve never made it successfully up a wall before- last time I tried, I was 12 and was scared of dying halfway.
The instructors were super friendly. LIKE SUUUUPER FRIENDLY, friendly to the point where you’d want to kidnap them and have them guide you through life. They make it a lot easier and not as intimidating. They push you to keep going (the reasons why I made it fully up those walls) and they even promised to help me call EMS if I fell to my death. THANKS GUYS. 😀 Also great to meet all the other friendly elites! Definitely made some new climbing friends.

The bouldering part is a bit scary, especially when you’re going upside down. But the rock routes are built nicely and there are definitely some that gives you a big challenge. I like the routes where you can go all the way to the top ..because you get to go on the slide down, duh!
I also liked the dragon and even though I could only make it to the middle (or even less than that) every time, it was still a fun challenge and falling into the foam pit was the best part. It’s like falling into a hole of marshmallows and breaking through to the underworld.

I had no idea bouldering/rock climbing could be so much fun and such a workout at the same time. It’s about time my lat and shoulder workouts finally paid off!

Thanks Kris, for organizing this!! Super fun and yay, free schwag bags- even better! By the way, I enjoyed that popcorn… if you all couldn’t tell by the way I sat there devouring it in silence right after I finished climbing.


Amy Z., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  Holy Schmoly!! My finger tips burn this morning and my calves were aching, but the pain was soooo worth it from last nights gathering of Yelp Elites at “The Hub” climbing facility and gym in Markham. Professional, courteous  outgoing service and staff at the Hub made the night even more amazing!

A full service climbing facility that can cater to your climbing, bouldering, and belaying needs. All experience levels are taken care of here, they have courses set up from 5.4 to 5.12+ which is the difficulty rating of each of the vertical climbs (lowest to highest) and they also have an extensive bouldering runs from flat walls to the massive “Dragon”.

Kris our CM went above and beyond organizing such a great event.  Swag bags full of hydration and nutritional goodies helped us get through the pain and gain of the nights activities.  I want to thank  “The Hub” and its awesome staff and facilities!! A special mention for Sean from the Hub, he helped belay my larger behind up all the vertical courses and was so good nature about it!!  Thanks to all the elites for always making it a fraking good time and last of all thanks to Kris for organizing yet another AWESOME event!!


Ryan F., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  In my younger years, I climbed, I climbed to be adventurous, I climbed to be daring, I climbed to show off, at least to show to the kids that I can get all the way up the kiddie walls.  Time can change a man…

Back again in those climbing shoes today reminds me of the good ol’ days but at the same time makes me wonder what I’m trying to achieve at this very moment.  Is it to attempt to climb only to fall on my ass(which by the way is the RIGHT way of doing it)?  Is it to see all the adrenaline infused youngsters make it to the top without effort?  or is it to get my crotch bundled up like a tamale, again?

For someone like me, considered to be a seldom climber it does take some new motivation to get me to return for more scratches and minor bruises.  What will draw me and my demographics to this establishment more frequently? That’s for Scott(Hub) to discover.

There certainly is positive feedback, to let the staff know they are doing a great job supporting others, keeping a positive attitude, having a fun friendly clean environment that people would enjoy coming back again and most of all a SAFE place to be and trust me I’ve tested them many many times tonight, personally, intentionally, maybe!

All these new faces tonight did provide challenges to the staff, trying their best to figure out and to remember who has been provided training and at which stations while such a large group scattered around socializing back and forth.  I wonder if some kind of color code sleeve would help in future large group events.

This event is without a doubt an all time HIGH, and Kris may just have CLIMBED back to the Number 1 spot in the Community Manager’s TOP 10.  He realizes that SCALING down the booze doesn’t make an event worst, on the contrary it can help build a stronger more well rounded community.


WaYnE c., Yelp Profile


Yelp 5 Star Review  My muscles are sore as I’m writing this !!

As soon as I entered the building I was welcomed by a staff member. First I was asked to sign a waver then I was handed a swag bag filled with SWEG (Something We Elites Get). Then to the walls and to the sweat drop…

There are multiple walls to climb. Each has different levels and styles. They range from a simple wall with a slide on top to the dragon which was the most interesting and the most difficult challenge out of all. I did not manage to slay the dragon or even get anywhere near doing that. Nevertheless falling into a pool full of sponge cubes was pretty cool.

This is such a fun workout for me even though I’m out of shape and have no experience with climbing whatsoever. Time went by quickly. Staff is professional, patient, encouraging, and super friendly. Free WiFi.

Thank you Kris for organizing such a great event 🙂


Ayad F., Yelp Profile


Yelp 5 Star Review  I started bouldering in London almost a year ago and when I knew I was moving back to Markham, I’ve been meaning to go visit HUB Climbing. Despite shifting a rib and strict orders from my chiropractor to refrain from any activities that would put a strain on my upper body, I had to attend this event.

I arrived at the same time as Simon and Rana, and we were greeted by friendly HUB staff in bright yellow hoodies. Then we dropped our things off in a little room where we got our climbing shoes and went out to it.

Check in offer was a swag bag full of goodies: popcorn, chocolate covered soft fruits, gummies and protein bars as well as some water.

**The only complain I have was that we didn’t really get directions on how the night would be, we all just kind of wander off and did our own thing, I didn’t really meet any new Yelpers, heck, I didn’t even notices some of my Yelp friends were there until almost the end of the night. HUB is a huge space so it’s hard to keep track of everyone.

I didn’t do any climbing but seeing my Yelpy friends having such a great time made me very happy, maybe it’ll be very easy to have a bouldering UYE soon.

Thank you Kris for organising this, thank you Yelp for letting us have so much fun, thank you to everyone at HUB Climbing for being so patient and kind to us all.


Teresa C., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  My forearms have finally recovered enough for new to write my review for this awesome event.

I love these non-restaurant events. It’s often more social and exposes us to places that we may otherwise never try or discover on our own.

I’ve never been rock climbing before but can honestly say that I’d love to give it another go and actually learn how to properly scale these walls. I’m guessing that when you actually do it properly your arms won’t be in as much pain as mine were. Aside from being a fun activity it also seems like a pretty good workout.

The staff here were really friendly and enthusiastic, which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Big props to Kris for putting together this great event and to all the yelpers that attended. Everyone looked pretty good climbing those walls.


Darrin C., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  The Hub is amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
The staff, the facility, the walls, the “bouldering”, the equipment!
Just plain awesome.
I was not prepared for the amount of fun I was going to have on Monday night.
I was so giddy after this event, I could hardly sleep.

The staff who were handling the ropes were so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!
Such a great group of people!
I really liked “topping out” and getting to walk across the structures and down the ladder.
The dragon was really cool and I loved how you could just fall onto mats on the foam pit if you couldn’t make it any further.

I got really good vibes from this place.
Everything was neat, clean, new, organized, and fun!
I don’t care if there is a rock climbing place closer to home, this one won me over and I can’t wait to go back.

Thank you Kris and thank you to the Hub!!!
Such an amazing experience!


Tasha D., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review  Stuff that yogi’s say… my hips are so open and my traps & forearms are sore but it’s a good feeling! What an amazing time we had at hub climbing ! Never done bouldering before (omg no security blanket/ropes?!) & really enjoyed the one w/ the automatic rope support (thanks Ryan for pushing us to try this lol). It was awesome hanging out w/ the elites.

Loved the various levels for all the obstacles. Fun for all! It also wasn’t all about strength, we had to use pretty much our entire body & prob. muscles we never knew we had. Great workout!

The staff were all so nice, friendly & always full of encouragement esp. Sammy. It was super fun and the hours passed by too quickly. Some of us got to watch as Matt (staff) do the dragon w/ only his arms !!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thank you Hub Climbing !

Thanks also to Kris for organizing this awesome fun filled event & the cool loot bag! Stayed hydrated & snacked ^^

Definitely coming back for more… My next goal is to pass the dragon’s first bump of the “green wall” lol Need to do more chatarungas 😀


Rana L., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Let me just start off by saying, my arms have not been this sore in a very long time. But it’s definitely good pain because I had a blast! I’m sure other Yelpers are experiencing the same as well. This was quite an experience as the last time I rock climbed was in elementary school and never thought I would be bouldering. The staff aka experts were extremely informative and helpful on giving tips and tricks. The facility is very clean and you can tell that they put a lot of thought into designing it which makes it stand out. I also really liked how the obstacles are numbered so you know the difficulty of each one.

One of the staff told me that they are building a hot yoga room too, so I really excited for that! I’m not sure if people regularly bring their own chalk, but I would have liked to have them around since my hands get sweaty very easily.

People amazed me with their skills especially tackling the dragon. One of the staff was able to go and down with just his arms. I was in awe, he seriously made it look so easy! 15 years of practice, all worth it.

Big thank you to The Hub for having us and valuing Yelpers’ reviews to improve! And Kris, this was a fabulous idea especially in the dead of winter when we can’t do anything outside! Thank you for also being so thoughtful with the goody bags which was filled with water and snacks (much needed!).

Can’t wait to be back to tackle those 5.8s (or maybe higher) and the dragon again!


Crystal L., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
I knew before I even arrived that this would be a great event.

I used to try and organise UYEs way back which were more activities than food so I was really looking forward to this one.

Even after a day of snowboarding meant by knee, back, wrists and arms were generally in great pain I took the non flakey route and turned up with my +1s.

Granted I was after a few climbs unable to fight the pain I still had a great time talking to the instructors, empowering my fellow yelpers to “reach the top” and catching up with a few faces I had not seen in awhile.

My friends had a great time, one of them who is looking to get a membership at the hub already.

So bit more about the Hub, its a great open space, plenty of instructors and helpful advice. The people who come here are also really friendly and get together in the bouldering sections to help each other become better. I really liked seeing that and wish i lived closer to the HUB to come often.

Kudos to Kris to putting this together, and for providing a kick ass swag bag. The water definitely came in handy.


Bobby N., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Amazing event/evening with everyone!

For this being my second time here it was wayyyy more fun then my first time. Everyone is so friendly and nice holy smokes. The community is so strong and positive and it makes you want to climb everything! Meeting everyone was awesome to know that the yelp community is so positive and happy it was amazing.

Definitely coming back here to test myself again as well as put my grip strength to the test!


Wes L., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Kris did an amazing job planning another successful event! My plus one and I had so much fun!

The staff at HUB Climbing was incredibly friendly and supportive. I have a slight fear of heights AND I’m not very active/flexible but they made me feel like I can climb any wall just like Spiderman.

I have to say that my favourite wall had to be the dragon because it was so much fun falling into the foam pit…even though my fall was basically two feet from the bottom.

A few days after the event and my arms are all sore but you know what? Totally worth it!


Mel C., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
I had a blast and when I walked in those doors I didn’t even know how to climb (or which way was up)!

The event was a blast. The instructors were all very patient and friendly, the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, and I loved the goodie bag in the end as a well-earned reward after a night of superhero practicing!

It’s also a nice feeling knowing that there is a place like this so close to home, and I’ll be sure to return. A very fun event, and something I wouldn’t have tried if it were not for this little shindig that was hosted! Thanks Kris. This was definitely one of the most interesting things I’ve tried out!


Darren S., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
I am absolutely SORE…and I LOVE IT!
I have never done rock climbing before so this was a new experience for me. There is a lack of parking at the venue, we had to park across the street and walk over. Going in we were welcomed by the staff directed us where to change and leave our things. I got sized for my climbing shoes and harnessed. We were shown by the lovely staff how to get ourselves to the top, it wasn’t easy but it was so rewarding when we got to the top! Met lots of nice fellow Yelpies, and had a fun time going down the slide/falling into the pit of lava. I cannot wait to go back and try to push myself harder! Thank you so much to Kris for organizing everything, and to the lovely staff @ The Hub for hosting such a great event! I love finding new ways to work out and get a (fun) sweat! What an awesome experience.


Jasmin S., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
I am proud to say that I left my mark on The Hub — there’s probably a spot on the wall somewhere where I’ve left some skin tissue. My hands are mangled up, but that’s alright. The battle scars only make me stronger. After this event, even the most macho of men might consider going for a manicure.

Kudos to Kris for organizing a unique and fun-filled evening. The facility was amazing: very large, spacious, clean, and well-maintained. The entire place was very beginner-friendly without the pretentious snobbishness sometimes seen at some gyms. The awesome staff did a great job encouraging everyone and also taking the time to explain everything that new climbers would be concerned about. Great atmosphere! The walls were also set with a large variety of routes even for new climbers, so there was something for everyone.

The goodie bags were a nice touch. I was actually very surprised with how much nice stuff was inside. Thanks! And it was also nice for the manager to come out and say hello. All in all, it was a very welcoming event and venue, and I’d consider coming back on my own volition at some point in the future.


Isaac J., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Another awesome and successful event by Monsieur Kris U. *applause *applause * to the best community manager of the year…

This event was simply great. Awesome. Exciting…all the words I can think of….hub climbing is actually harder than it looks..

my arms are all sore and it feels like I’ve been working out hard for hours…LOL….but it’s all good because I had so much fun…met some new yelpers and encouraging each other to get to the top felt great..oh and did I mention our Yelp goodies bag…there were quite a bit of treats in there and I LOVE the Yelp reusable bag..I can bring it everywhere and let people know I’m a proud Yelper!

You’ve done it again Kris…Keep doing what you’re doing…=D

Thanks Kris and Hub for hosting this event…I will be back in no time…

Jo Jo C., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Forearms are sore, hands are raw…and what an awesome time getting them that way! This rock-climbing/bouldering event was a fantastic change of pace from the usual food events, and was a ton of fun as an elite community activity. It was nice to have a range of difficulty levels to choose from in terms of challenges, and the staff were all really friendly and helpful – I’ll be back to take another crack the Dragon. Great idea Kris!


Simon C., Yelp Profile
Yelp 5 Star Review
Even though I couldn’t participate in this Yelp Event, it was a blast to come and support the Yelp community. I will definitely come back to try out rock climbing next time! Thanks for the swag bags!!


Veronica K., Yelp Profile
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Pathway families had a fantastic climbing experience and an opportunity to bond and share the holiday spirit with their colleagues.
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