Serving up world class climbing in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and more!

With 18,000 square feet, Hub Climbing is the largest climbing gym in Ontario and the largest bouldering gym in Canada.  Hub Climbing is also an accredited tourist facility.  We offers two types of climbing:

  1. Bouldering is the sport of climbing lower walls, without ropes.  Bouldering relies on problem solving, planning and physical fitness.

  2. Top Roping requires the climber to tie themselves into a rope and then ascend a higher wall.  A belayer tends to the rope as a counterweight on the other side.

We also have a yoga and a fitness studio.

Behind the scenes at the Hub is a dedicated and passionate group of individuals who want nothing but to provide you all with the best climbing experience possible. We have spared no expense to ensure that your experience at the Hub will meet and exceed your expectations and hope that our attention to detail will redefine the way you see indoor climbing.

The Directors, Steven, Rob and Yoav are lifelong friends, who united with a shared interest and passion in providing the community in Markham with a premium climbing experience. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, personally and professionally, the group is committed to their vision and they can’t wait to have a gym they can call their own. All three directors are genuinely excited to meet every person who comes through our doors.

  1. Hub only hires staff with CPR and First Aid training with an active vulnerable sector check

  2. Safety flooring is by Asana, a leader in safety flooring. Hub offers 14% more foam than the industry standard

  3. Hub’s 6 feet deep foam pit is designed by a specialty gymnastics company and has an air pocket below it

  4. Staff explain during every orientation why guests should always downclimb, how to respect that flooring will never guarantee their safety, how the pads are new and firmer than they would expect, how to fall properly in an emergency, why they should never climb higher than they can downclimb from

  5. New climbers are not recommended to climb beyond the learning curve (detailed in every orientation) unless they are experienced

The Hub has a commitment to customer service and quality of experience. We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome and we want to share with them our excitement and passion for fitness and climbing. Together we can connect our passions and create a supportive and caring community of our own in Markham. Our staff really care, supporting you whether you’re there for the day to climb, or you’re there everyday climbing and socializing with friends. We want all our climbers to find enjoyment and fulfillment through their climbing experience with us. If there is anything we can do to help make your experience better, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Give us a call or send us an email. We appreciate all feedback and value it just as much as we value our members.